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How to Withdraw Winning Amount in Online Rummy?

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If you have cash deposited in your Rummy account or on the off chance that you have won real cash from tournaments, your account will have balance which you can transfer to your bank account.  You can read detailed information about how to play cash rummy game here. To withdraw the cash on online rummy websites, please follow the below mentioned steps:

  • You can Withdraw Cash anytime by logging in and then going to your profile page and tap on Withdraw Cash.
  • You are then made a request to enter a sum you might want to withdraw.
  • You can just withdraw a sum less than or equivalent to your Withdrawable Balance. This will appear on the Withdraw Cash page.

This is the simplest part of online rummy websites as they have fast and speedy and a solid withdrawal process. Withdrawals are prepared at regular intervals (aside from the weekends). There are generally two withdrawal choices that are offered.

  1. Withdrawal through Check: You will get the check in 10-12 working days.
  2. Withdrawal through ECS (Online exchange): You will get the sum straightforwardly in your bank account within 3-6 working days.

Least sum a player can withdraw from his/her rummy account differs on each website.

Rummy websites let you withdraw through online money exchange or you can get a check. While picking net-saving money as said above you should enter your account number and other banking details. On the off chance that you pick check, a check will be dispatched to your enrolled address. How can I win real cash by playing rummy online? It sounds exciting! isn’t it.

How to Withdraw Winning Amount in Online Rummy?
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