History of Rummy

Who Invented Rummy Card Game?

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The game of online Rummy is being played in every nook and corner of India. But have you ever attempted to find its source as to where it originated? Should not one be thankful to that part of the world which has given this beautiful game of skill to mankind? So, let us try finding out who has invented this game and where it is invented.

What wiki says?

As per wiki, the style of Rummy which Indians are playing today is said to been adopted from Gin Rummy and Rummy 500, both of which are believed to have originated from the U.S. So, are Gin and Rummy 500 the oldest form of this game? Definitely not. So, let’s go back further and decipher further as to where this game was invented.

Most common beliefs:

Conquian origin:

Conquian was popularly believed as one of the earliest or most ancient versions of Rummy games and the same, many believe, had migrated to Mexico having originated in Spain. This version later seemed to have moved to England where it was called “Rum” which means something odd or strange.

Chinese origin:

Some theories vouch that this game of Rummy was first invented by Chinese. They had the reason to believe so because “Khanhoo” a game which was popular over there in 1800s was played with the same rule of making sequences/sets that is the main objective of Rummy.

Poker origin:

There is another theory which believes that Rummy had evolved from the game of Poker since both the games has distinct similarities between them. The word Rummy itself, many say, has been derived from a game called Rum poker.

Likewise, there are so many theories which gives their own versions of how the game was invented. But it is yet to be established with clear cut proof as to which country reserves the copyright of it.

Who Invented Rummy Card Game?
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