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Which Hand to Make Initial Drop in Rummy?

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The game of online Rummy is all about how smart you make your moves. Taking smart decisions at the right time saves your points. One such instance where you are expected to be smart while playing Rummy is the time when you decide to drop the game. This is the trickiest call that you have to take and that too rather quickly if you are expecting a graceful defeat and withstand elimination.

What is an initial drop?

An initial drop is nothing but quitting a deal at the initial stage of the game itself.

Criterion for the initial drop:

When you are the recipient of a bad Rummy and are loaded with high value cards, you are supposed to make the initial drop.

Why to do the initial drop?

Failing to do the initial drop will land you in big trouble as you will find yourself burdened with considerable number of points which will make your life difficult in the future deals.

Scenario for an initial drop:

An initial drop is done under the following scenarios:

  1. If you receive a complicated set of cards unable to form sequences.
  2. If you hold many high value cards.
  3. If you do not have any joker cards.

A deal of such kind gives you no room to continue with the game as a valid declaration is impossible if you are not able to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure one. So, it is highly recommended that you disown all high value cards and drop the game immediately. Doing so you lose very less points which will give you a better chance in the future deals.

Which Hand to Make Initial Drop in Rummy?
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