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What is The Role of Joker in Rummy Game?

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The knowledge of using jokers effectively is essential to win the game of online Rummy. The presence of jokers often decides the fate of any game if a player has learned to use it properly. A joker is nothing but a wild card used to replace any card to form sequences /sets in online Rummy. It may well be a random card picked up at the start of a game or perhaps a printed joker card having buffoon image printed on it. Learn how to play rummy by using printed joker along with the random Joker ( trump card). Now, let us see if a joker card acts as a boon or a burden for a Rummy player.

When Jokers become a burden:

In general, a joker card is the biggest benediction a player can hope to have under dire circumstances while forming a sequence. It is always advisable to use jokers to form sequences with higher value cards and sequence formed with a joker cannot be considered as a pure sequence. If a player declares the game considering the sequence formed with a joker as pure then he will be losing points badly.

When Jokers become a boon:

Under dire straits, Joker comes as a boon when it is picked up for completing a Rummy. Holding a joker card increases one’s chance of winning. Remember a joker card carries no points and hence holding it does not burden you with points. In fact, one can use it to form sequences with high value cards and reduce a few points. Likewise, if the joker is meld with groups in case of any temporary disconnection, a melded joker will get you only less points.

What is The Role of Joker in Rummy Game?
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