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What is a Set in Online Rummy?

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In the game of 13 cards online Rummy, while forming of at least two sequences is mandatory to show, the balance cards can be used to form another sequence or a set. So, what is a set? Let us see step by step what constitutes a set and how is it formed.

  1. A set is nothing but grouping of three or four cards of different suits having same values.
  1. This is how a set can look like:  2222

Here the value 2 of spade is grouped with the 2s of other suits (Dice, Clubs and Hearts).

  1. Similarly, a set can also be formed as below: KKKK

Here all the Ks of various suits are grouped together to form a set. Likewise, you can group As, Js and Qs.

  • Invalid set:

Supposing you are playing with more than one pack of cards, you cannot form set with same suit having same values. For instance, a set formed as below will be declared as an invalid set. QQQQ

One important thing to remember is that you make sure that your focus on forming a set starts only after you are successful in forming sequences including a pure one.

A set can be formed with or without a joker too and the maximum number of jokers you can use is two as a set cannot have more than 4 cards for a valid declaration.

What is a Set in Online Rummy?
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