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What is a Sequence in Online Rummy?

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A sequence is just opposite to that of a set. Forming of at least two sequences is mandatory in a 13-card game one of which needs to be a pure one, unlike the set. Here is the point by point description of what a sequence is all about.

A sequence is nothing but grouping of consecutive cards of the same suits. This is the example of a sequence. 4567 Here with the same suit “Diamond” they have arranged four consecutive numbers starting from 4 to 7.

A sequence can also be formed like below: AKQJ

A, K, Q, J are considered in card games as consecutive values and thus form a sequence when grouped with same suit. In the above example, they are grouped with “Hearts” and thus they are sequentially arranged. Anything contrary to the aforesaid examples, having different suits used, will be rejected and will not be counted as a sequence when it is submitted for validation in a group.

Forming sequence is further categorized into two:

  1. Pure Sequence
  2. Impure Sequence.

a.) Pure sequence: This is a mandatory sequence to be formed with consecutive cards of a same suit without a wild card or a joker.

b.) Impure sequence: This is same as that of pure sequence except that you are entitled to use a wild card or a printed joker to complete it.

What is a Sequence in Online Rummy?
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