Rummy Variations

What are The Types of Rummy?

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The game of Rummy is played with so many varieties, although objective in all the cases being almost the same. It is the number of players and the cards which mostly differentiate one type from another. Let’s us now understand the types of Rummy which are popular over the years in brief.

Traditional Rummy:

Traditional Rummy is in existence since last 200 years and is known as one of the most popular card games played with a standard deck of 52 cards. A minimum of two to six players is required to play this game. Each player is dealt with ten cards and everyone should pick and discard a card on turns to form combination in conformance to the objective of the game which is nothing but arrangement of sequences/sets.

13 card Rummy:

This type of game is played with 13 cards and again the objective is also about forming sequences / sets one of which must be a pure one. It is usually played only with a single joker drawn randomly as a wild card. The printed joker is normally not used in this game which is played with single deck of card.

Kalooki Rummy:

In certain North American and European countries, a certain Kalooki Rummy is very popular. This is spelled in different ways in different countries like Kalukki, Kalookie etc.

Rummy 500:

Rummy 500 is a variety of Rummy believed to have been originated in Persia and so is called Persian Rummy too. This Rummy is played with two to eight players with each getting seven cards. One who reaches 500 points first is declared the winner of this game.

Gin Rummy:

Gin Rummy is played generally between two players. But there is no sealing as to how many players can join. If the number of players get increased so will be the deck. Each player is dealt with ten cards and the one who gets rid of all the cards first is declared the winner of this Rummy.

Likewise, there are many other Rummy types like Contract Rummy, Indian marriage Rummy, Oklohama Rummy each having its own set of rules with basic objective remaining almost the same, as stated earlier.

What are The Types of Rummy?
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