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What are The Rules of Point Rummy?

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No matter how good a game is, when you play it regularly, you are bound to get worn out and bored isn’t it? But have you ever wondered as to how people are hooked to playing online Rummy for years together not getting exhausted? The reason is not very difficult to explore. The game of Rummy keeps attracting people making it one of the most interesting games ever played online because of the varieties that it offers. Yes, there are many varieties of Rummy, prominent one among them being Point Rummy. Let us now discuss the rules of Point Rummy.

  1. As the name indicates, in a point Rummy game every card is awarded a point.
  2. For a predetermined Rupee value, the players play for points.
  3. Two or more packs, each comprising 53 cards are used and each can have two to six players.
  4. Each player is required to bring a specific amount of money to the table.
  5. Everyone is dealt with 13 cards with an objective of forming sequences and sets. At least one sequence so formed has to be a pure life.
  6. A joker gets randomly selected at the beginning of the game as a wild card.
  7. A person who meets the game’s objective first wins the game.
  8. If a player has a bad Rummy he can drop out of the game. He gets 20 points on first drop and 40 points if he drops out in the middle of the game.
  9. The points fixed for each card is as below:

A, K, Q, J – 10

Other cards – points are as per the respective face value.

What are The Rules of Point Rummy?
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