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What Are The 101 Pool Rummy Rules?

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Pool Rummy is one of the three major variations of online Rummy with points Rummy and Deals Rummy being the other two. This is the most popular version of Rummy available online. In fact, a pool rummy is of two different varieties. One of the varieties is called 101 Pool Rummy and the other one is called as 201 Pool Rummy. Let us now see the rules of 101 Pool Rummy in detail.

  1. This game is played with two to six players with two or more packs of 52 cards in addition to a printed joker in each pack.
  2. The objective of the game is to form at least two sequences one of which must be a pure life and the balance cards can be used to form sequences or sets.
  3. A player must pick up and discard a card on each turn.
  4. The player with the lowest score to his credit will be declared the winner.
  5. As the name of the Rummy indicates, any player whose score crosses 101 points is eliminated. So, every player must ensure his scores cumulatively stay below 101.
  6. The first drop leaves a player with 20 points and the middle drop leaves him with 40 points.
  7. The maximum points that a player can get at the end of each deal is 80 points which one should avoid.
  8. The points are calculated at the end of each deal. Cumulatively at the end of each deal the points are added for every player and once the points go beyond 101 he gets eliminated.
  9. A player who does a valid declaration gets zero points.
  10. The prize money for a winner is fixed as below:

(Entry fees × No. of players) – Rake.

One more popular variation of rummy is Points rummy, here you can learn  “how to play points rummy game .

What Are The 101 Pool Rummy Rules?
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