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What are The Tips to Handle a Bad Rummy Hand?

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The game of Rummy begins as a game of glorious uncertainty as you are unsure of the type of cards that are dealt to you. You may be holding cards which can form Rummy by itself in a few turns. But things can easily go wrong if you are dealt with a worst hand possible having little hope of conforming to the objective of Rummy which is nothing but forming at least two sequences one of which should be a pure life. So what measures should be taken when you have a bad hand? Let us see the same below.

  1. A bad hand may be like you are having many high value cards and forming sequences, i.e., consecutive cards of a same suit looks to be a distant dream. In that case, relieve yourself of the burden of holding high value cards as far as possible by discarding them one by one on turns.
  2. See to that at least you are able to form a pure sequence which can reduce a lot of points for you. In fact, forming a pure sequence should be the top priority for a Rummy player.
  3. Get an idea as to what type of combination your opponent is looking for by just discarding a card as a bait and if you find him picking it up you can get a view of the same.
  4. If you see your opponent drawing cards more from the closed deck, you can figure out that he is touch away from finishing the game and so you can react accordingly and plan your next move.
  5. You can even keep discarding low level cards falsely misleading your opponent that you are about to finish the game making him to forcefully thus drop the game.
  6. If none of the aforesaid scenarios seem to work out or looks impossible, it is better to drop out of the game either before making the first move or after a few moves, thus losing the game decently with fewer point.
What are The Tips to Handle a Bad Rummy Hand?
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