Technical Rummy FAQs


Points rummy is one of the fastest rummy variants with each game of one deal. Here the players play for a pre-decided rupee value. The winner gets all the cash at the end.

  • The game starts with each player bringing a minimum of 80x point value.
  • Points rummy variant is similar to the other types of rummy where you have to form a pure sequence, sequence and sets.
  • The player who makes a valid declaration gets 0. The players who lose, get points that are a total of deadwood cards that they hold.
  • If a player leaves between the game then there is a penalty= Full count x bet deducted.
  • If a player is disconnected for any reason, then the auto play feature automatically kicks in for the next 3 rounds. If he resumes his game, great otherwise it is considered a middle drop. If another player has made a valid declaration during this time, then the disconnected player will get 30 points. Here’s how to play points rummy game.
  • If a player drops out of the game, then it is divided into 3 sections.
    • First Drop= 10 points
    • Middle Drop = 30 points
    • Full count = 80 points maximum

If a player thinks he has a bad hand and wants to drop out of the game, then it is best to do at the beginning of the game. This keeps the loss to the minimum. You can learn rummy rules in detail click on “what are the rules to play Rummy online?. Going for a middle drop or full count just adds to point loss. If you are in the middle of the game, then it is best to continue playing and give it your best shot.

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You can reset or recover your password utilizing Forgot Password link. You can either enter your username or enrolled email to get an email notification to recover your password.

To reset your secret password, follow the steps below:

1. Click on forgot password link underneath the login page. A popup window will appear.
2.Enter the email ID with which you enrolled at a rummy website and click on Submit
3.Check your email and follow the guidelines given via email. Click on the connection given to reset your password. Enter the new password and click on confirm to change your password
4.You will be redirected to the page, where you need to enter your e-mail address, and complete Human verification (the captcha code will change every time) and click on submit.
5.Once you click on Submit button, you will get an e-mail with a link that helps you in changing the password.
6.Also, please mark emails from info@mails and support mails to avoid missing any emails from us.
7.Please reach out to the customer support team, if you are still facing any issues in accessing your account.

One difficulty or inconvenience which normally haunts the players in the game of online Rummy is abrupt disconnection. It is very common in the online world to experience disconnection due to loss of internet connectivity. So, what happens when a player gets disconnected in the middle of the game? Should he stand to lose immediately? The answer is “No”. You have your game saved even during disconnection and online Rummy sites have done a lot of homework for you to stay in the game even during disconnection. Let us quickly understand how the system works.

Disconnection policy:

As soon as the Internet connection goes off for a player, he gets a lifeline though thanks to the disconnection policy provided by the Rummy sites concerned. The policy is as briefed below:

  1. When a player’s internet gets disconnected subsequent to his first move, “disconnection timer” gets activated. Once it gets activated, the move jumps to the next user. This process will continue till the timer time elapses.
  2. When the disconnection happens subsequent to him picking up a card during his turn, the system discards the picked card.
  3. If the user gets reconnected, the disconnection timer stops and the time remaining on the disconnection timer will be used during next disconnection.
  4. Provided that the time left in the disconnection timer is 20 seconds upon recommendation, the same duration will be available for the user to perform his next action.
  5. When the disconnection happens during melding, the disconnected user gets a meld time extension of 30 seconds in addition to 45 seconds of meld time.
  6. When the disconnection happens during declaration, an extension of 45 seconds of melding time in addition to disconnection timer will be available to the user.

So, when you get disconnected frequently do not get annoyed. The disconnection policy is out there to help you overcome it.

The objective of online Rummy game is the arrangement of the cards in hand to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure one and the remaining cards can be arranged as sequences/sets. It is as simple as that. But whether this objective is fully achieved or not, at least the formation of a pure sequence is a must for a valid declaration. If the cards are not arranged by you when the declaration has been made by any of your opponent, you set to lose points drastically piling up your score abnormally. Let us see the implication of the same in various situations.

  1. When you are unable to arrange the cards at the first instance into sequences and sets as per the objective of Rummy and you find it meaningless to continue the game, you are allowed to use the drop feature and opt out which means you will be getting 20 points. This is called first drop, which you do at the very first turn of yours without arranging the cards.
  2. When such drop is done after the first turn somewhere during the middle of the game, it is called middle drop which will give you 40 points.
  3. When you are unable to arrange the cards, the value of cards not so arranged is summed up as your total points. But again, the maximum number of points you will be given for non-arrangement of cards is 80, irrespective of the number of cards that you hold unarranged.

All the scores so piled up decreases your chance of making a comeback in the subsequent deals as the winner of a Rummy game should have only zero points.

As a Rummy aspirant, one of the important facets of the game that you need to know and invoke at the right time is the usage of ‘drop’ feature. This aspect of dropping the game, if you are able to use wisely, then you can successfully evade even a grave situation. It is purely your decision to make, analysing the cards that you hold.

What is a drop or what constitutes a drop?

A drop is a feature used by players in online Rummy which enables you to drop the game before picking up a card from the open/closed deck.

Why do you drop from a game?

A game is dropped by a player on purpose to guard himself from losing more points if he feels he sees no hope of completing a valid declaration.

What should you do before dropping a game:

Before dropping a game, make sure you are relieved of all higher value cards so that you are not burdened with more points. This type of dropping after making a few first moves is called as a middle drop.

Now let us see quickly as to what a middle drop is all about.

The game of Rummy is all about forming at least two sequences one of which should be a pure life, in addition to forming sets and sequences with the remaining cards. When such a scenario of forming pure sequence (consecutive number of same cards without joker) does not seem to arise, the player can drop the game using the drop feature. By doing so, he gets only 40 points totally. This is one scenario.

One more scenario gets a player middle drop points of 40 automatically if he misses to play three consecutive turns and is thus dropped from the game too

Finally, when a player chooses to leave the table having drawn a card from the closed deck, it is considered a middle drop as well.

The game of online Rummy is all about how smart you make your moves. Taking smart decisions at the right time saves your points. One such instance where you are expected to be smart while playing Rummy is the time when you decide to drop the game. This is the trickiest call that you have to take and that too rather quickly if you are expecting a graceful defeat and withstand elimination.

What is an initial drop?

An initial drop is nothing but quitting a deal at the initial stage of the game itself.

Criterion for the initial drop:

When you are the recipient of a bad Rummy and are loaded with high value cards, you are supposed to make the initial drop.

Why to do the initial drop?

Failing to do the initial drop will land you in big trouble as you will find yourself burdened with considerable number of points which will make your life difficult in the future deals.

Scenario for an initial drop:

An initial drop is done under the following scenarios:

  1. If you receive a complicated set of cards unable to form sequences.
  2. If you hold many high value cards.
  3. If you do not have any joker cards.

A deal of such kind gives you no room to continue with the game as a valid declaration is impossible if you are not able to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure one. So, it is highly recommended that you disown all high value cards and drop the game immediately. Doing so you lose very less points which will give you a better chance in the future deals.

Indian Rummy- 13 card rummy is a variation of Rummy well known in India that includes making valid sets out of 13 cards. Every player is dealt with 13 cards at first; each needs to draw and discard cards by turns till one player melds his/her cards with valid sets that meet the Rummy rules. The skill based game needs you to orchestrate the cards in sequences as well as sets.

Indian Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players and every player is dealt with 13 cards. For 2 or 3 players, two 52-card decks (104 cards) and 4 jokers (trump cards) are utilized. For 4 to 6 players, three decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are utilized. Every player turn by turn (in clockwise direction) deals with the cards. Indian Rummy is fascinating and challenging. It requires skill, utilization of memory, focus and observation in the game.


An entire arrangement of cards is known as a Deck of cards. A Deck of cards comprises of the accompanying cards:

  • 52 cards
  • 4 Suits with 13 cards each
  • 1 joker – A joker can be utilized as a part of place of any card

Meld and Show

For a specific hand, every player is given 13 cards. The goal of rummy is to organize these cards into 4 gatherings of 3, 3, 3 and 4 cards. These gatherings can be either sequence or set. At least 2 Sequences are required to have a valid arrangement. Once the player has made these groupings, he needs to present the cards in groups for validation. This activity of presenting the cards is called Show. Nonetheless, to have a fruitful show, the player needs to organize the cards into lives or sets. This activity of orchestrating the cards in groups is called Meld or Melding.

The key objective to playing rummy is winning the game with valid sets and sequences. Even if a player has grouped his cards but they are not in a valid format, he will not be able to win the game. Click here for brief on what is valid and invalid declaration in rummy. Here are the steps to make a valid declaration of your rummy hand.

  1. Arrange your 13 cards in sets and sequences. It is mandatory to have a pure sequence to declare the game.
  2. A pure sequence is a group of 3 or more cards in consecutive order of the same suit, without a wild card or Joker. If you are using a Joker or wild card to make a sequence, then it is counted as an impure sequence.
  3. Before making a valid declaration, the player should have a pure sequence, and an impure sequence. The remaining cards can be arranged in sets.
  4. Other than the sequences, the player also needs to make sets. A set is a group of cards of the same value but different suits.
  5. Once you have 1 pure sequence, 1 impure sequence and remaining sets in order, you can declare and win the game.

Points to remember

Here are some things that can lead to an invalid declaration:

  1. If you are making sequences but both of them are impure, i.e. your sequences use Joker or wild card.
  2. When you form the sets, you cannot have two cards of the same suit in a group. So the below example is of an invalid set.

invalid set

Keep the following points in mind and you will be able to make a valid declaration and win the rummy game.  Learn how to play rummy game by using above mentioned tips of declaration.

Indian Rummy is a prevalent card game played with set of playing cards. This is a standout amongst the most mainstream card game under the class of draw and discard of games in India. Among this discard of and draw game, Indian 13 card game is most played across India. You can learn how to play rummy 13 cards game here.

Jokers are special cases that can be utilized as a substitute of any other card. In any case, contingent upon the joker administer of a specific diversion, there might be confinements the way you can utilize a joker that lies on the table.


Two sorts of jokers are utilized as a part of rummy. They serve exceptional parts that can help you to win a rummy.

Wild Joker: When a rummy game starts, a wild joker is chosen haphazardly from the shut deck that can be utilized as a part of place of some other card.

Printed Joker : Printed jokers likewise serve a similar part in rummy recreations. On the off chance that you get printed jokers in your grasp, you can utilize them to merge other cards to frame sets and sequences. See the gatherings underneath and figure out how to play Indian Rummy games with Printed Jokers.

You can get a joker from the table:

Continuously- There are no limitations in utilizing jokers that are as of now on the table.

Simply after you match it with a coordinating card – Before you can utilize a joker that is on the table, you should free it by supplanting it with the card that it remains for.

With the last manage, there might be considerably more limitations:

The supplanting card must originate from your hand – In games with this administer, you can just free a joker with a card that came straightforwardly from your hand. You can’t utilize a card that was at that point on the table.

You can’t expel different cards from a meld with a joker – Games with this lead, you can just include new cards at the front or the end of a merge that has a joker in it. You can’t take cards off such a merge, and you can’t include a card in the center (making it split).

You can reuse a liberated joker:

Anyplace you like – You can utilize a liberated joker in any capacity you like, including adding it to a current merge on the table.

Just in another merge with cards from your hand – You can utilize a liberated joker just in another merge, where the various cards came straightforwardly from your hand. You can’t add the joker to another merge, or utilize cards from the table to shape the new merge.’

Here are some frequently asked question on use of joker in Rummy:

  1. How Many Jokers are Used in a Four Player Rummy?
  2. What is The Role of Joker in Rummy Game?
  3. Is it Necessary to Make a Rummy Hand With Joker?
  4. How to Play Rummy Without Joker? 
  5. How to Play Rummy With Joker?

The critical prerequisite to play rummy is a steady web connection. In the event that you have stable web availability with the base necessities, you can play rummy with no hitch. We have player security framework which will naturally aggregate your cards and get you minimum points when your opponent wins during disconnection.

Simply ensure that your program has Javascript empowered and furthermore in the event that it has a HTML5 websocket alongside canvas bolster.

But the most critical of the considerable number of prerequisites is a decent, quick and continuous Internet connection. This is on account of your PC must have the capacity to interface and download all the game information from Rummy Central’s servers rapidly.

For this having, an Internet connection with a speed of 1mbps or above is suggested.

One thing you ought to recall about playing games online is that the nature of Internet association for these games should be vastly improved than the connection required for everyday exercises, for example, perusing and sending messages. This is on the grounds that a terrible connection will influence your playing background antagonistically.

Simply have a decent Internet connection you’ll have nothing to stress over. Only a really long time of romping fun will be on the cards.