The legality of the game of Rummy is unquestionable. However, the chances of some miscreants breaching the rules of the game cannot be ruled out. Many a time, it so happens, one can see two or more players collude to manoeuvre the game illegally to make it work in their favour. Such brazen breach of rules, if noted, can even result in suspension of users’ account provided the same is properly reported. No one can take these things for granted and it is purely up to the user to report them immediately as soon as he sees such infringement being done by the fellow players anywhere in the Rummy table. So, the terms and conditions given in the respective online Rummy sites must be strictly followed. Let us now see how users normally indulge in breach of rules and how the same can be averted.

What is collusion?

Despite many Rummy websites implementing anti-collusion measures, the same cannot be said to have totally destroyed cheating. So, what exactly is collusion? Collusion in Rummy games is, two or more players may illegally collude just to raise the points of one of them, thereby losing the game deliberately.

How collusion happens?

In the game of online Rummy, multiple players can form a secret partnership, striking a deal, more so with an intent to cheat the fellow players. For example, there may come a situation, where a player in collusion with the other may pass on the cards from the open deck to help the latter to increase his points and lose the game deliberately. This can happen predominantly in case of Points Rummy. Such collisions are totally illegal and should be viewed rather seriously.

So, how to deal with collusion?

If an act of collusion is noted, the first thing the user has to do is to instantly report it to the support team of the respective online Rummy site. It is better that the complaint is done immediately so that the miscreants do not cover up their act during delays. If you are thoroughly aware of how to play rummy game, then you will definitely know where the fraud is happening.

What would be the consequences of Collusion complaints?

If an act of collusion is reported the following actions may be undertaken.

  1. Further games between two users who had earlier colluded can be restricted.
  2. Disabling the account of the user who had been involved in cheating, permanently.
  3. Cash balance of a person involved in cheating can be seized.
  4. The damages on account of such breach of rules can be recovered from the user.
  5. The persons involved in collusion can not only be banned but also can be prevented from registering to the website afresh.
  6. Legal proceeding can also be initiated against the person who violated the rules causing damages to the website.
  7. Other than the said reasons, any other action will be binding on the persons who was involved in cheating or collusion.

Thus, this menace of collusion is a controllable one and if one is vigilant, there are both preventive and punitive measures available to deal with it.

An act of gambling is nothing but undertaking a risky mission, the outcome of which is totally uncertain i.e. you have an equal chance of incurring losses as much as you have high hopes of making profits.  When you put your money on events which can produce such unpredictable results, it results in gambling. So how do you categorise a game like Rummy? Let us analyse the same by deducing all possible facts before concluding if a game of card like Rummy is anyway different from that of gambling.

Status of Rummy in India:

First of all, Rummy has been given a clean chit by the Supreme Court of India calling it a game of skill. So, there is no need to revisit the question to know if playing Rummy tantamount to gambling. But what prompted Supreme Court to conclude Rummy is different from gambling. How is it anyway different from that of gambling? Let us see in detail.

Absence of Strategies:

If you bet on a particular cricketer to score a century on a given day, can you rest assure he will?  So, you have no definite strategy that can take you through when it comes to deciding the outcomes on the said events. Whereas in a game like Rummy, it is your lateral thinking coupled with intelligence that wins you the game. By going through the available cards, you decide your moves as to what should be done. You use strategies like bluffing, fooling opponents, discarding high value cards etc., on relevant occasions which helps you win the game. In short, the skill games like Rummy involves strategies which is absent in case of gambling.

Gambling an addiction:

Any gambling game is dangerously addictive. The more you lose, the more it prompts you to play with a hope of winning at least a respectable amount. However, a player who knows how to play rummy online for cash, will not be tempted to play the game just to compensate on the losses.  He will try to analyse the mistakes done by him and come up with a better strategy to win next time just like any other skill games. So, any skill game will never lead you to addiction.

Gambling needs no training:

A skill game like Rummy needs proper training to play as it involves many intricacies. But to gamble, you need not have any skill. You just need to put money on something and wait for a desired outcome which is dangerous. You do not have control on anything while you gamble. As far as Rummy is concerned, every online version of this game offers various tutorials on how to play rummy game making you completely trained before leading you to cash tables.

So, Indian laws have used the valid yardstick before deciding which games fall under gambling and which do not, before delivering a landmark judgement naming Rummy as a game of skill.

The game of Rummy is not a one-dimensional game, it comes with varieties. This is precisely the reason as to why no one gets bored playing it. Though there are several kinds of Rummy played all over the world, no other type of Rummy comes even close in terms of popularity when compared to Indian Rummy and Gin Rummy. Yes, the objective remains the same in any kind of Rummy. Forming sequences or sets is a regular feature in all kinds of Rummy games and so is the case with Indian rummy and Gin Rummy too.  You can play Pool Rummy or Points Rummy  in Indian rummy 13 cards game. Having said that, there are way too many differences that exist between Gin Rummy and Indian Rummy. Let us see them one by one.

Number of cards:

The Indian Rummy, as we all know, is popularly called a 13 card Rummy due to the number of cards every player holds in order to form sequences and sets. But in case of Gin Rummy, a player carries only 10 cards with him throughout the game.

Objective of the game:

The primary objective is yes – forming sequences and sets in both type of Rummy but still there is a small difference between the two. An Indian Rummy demands forming at least two sequences one of which must be a pure one for a confirmed show. The remaining cards can be formed as sets or sequences. Here a sequence is nothing but forming of consecutive cards of the same suit and a set is cards with same face value of different suit. You can read my previous post about how to play rummy game in Indian style. However, the Gin Rummy does not recognise a set or sequence. In Gin Rummy, both are treated equally.


The Indian Rummy comes up with a deck of 53 cards, one of which being a printed joker. In addition to it, one random card is picked up to play the role of a joker which can act as a substitute for any card while forming sequences and sets. In Gin Rummy, there is no concept called a joker or a wild card.

Declaration or show:

In the Indian Rummy, when the cards are grouped into sequences / sets as per the objective of the game, the player is required to make a show. In other words, he must submit the cards as a process of declaration.  Up to this both Gin and Indian Rummy may look alike. In Gin Rummy too a player makes a show when the ten cards that he has is made into sequences and sets. However, the Gin Rummy carries a unique concept called knocking which is not there in Indian Rummy. So, what is knocking?

When a player is seen holding cards that are of less than ten points, he can knock. In such a case, if his opponent has more points than him, the latter who has already done knocking wins it. But after knocking, if his opponent has lesser points than him, then 25 points are deducted as a penalty to him.

Ace card’s role:

In Indian Rummy an ace card plays the role of both first and fourteenth card, carrying 10 points. In Gin Rummy, an ace card has no two roles and carries only one point.

Dealing with high cards is one of the challenges that a player of Indian online Rummy faces quite frequently. Unlike other card games, holding cards with high values is a bane as far as Indian Rummy is concerned. You are burdened with high value points when your opponents declare the game. Carrying heavy points can drastically affect your progress in the successive deals. Ace, King, Queen and Jack are the high value cards and the danger possessed by holding them can be thwarted/dealt as follows. If you are new to online rummy you can read my previous post about “how to play rummy game“.

Shed high value cards:

As holding of high value cards can prove fateful for a Rummy player, it is better to get rid of them immediately in successive moves unless you feel it imperative to hold one. Normally high value cards are not used to form a pure sequence. So, what is the need to hold them? By discarding high value cards, each carrying 10 points, your chances of staying in the game increases as opposed to holding them for long. So, discarding high cards is the golden rule any expert Rummy player is expected to follow.

Foxing your opponents:

On the contrary to the golden rule, if your opponent picks up a high value card from the open deck, you can take it for granted that he has already formed a sequence / set because under no ordinary circumstances does a regular Rummy player is known to pick up a high value card burdening himself. If your opponent picks up a high card say a K, it means he is in the process of completing a sequence involving Q J and A. Under such a scenario where your opponent looks like fallen into a decisive trap, starve him of cards close to K. This smart move of yours would reduce his chances of winning as he would be chasing for high cards in futility.

Trick reversal:

As every player is aware of the importance of discarding high value cards, you can in fact outsmart your opponents by doing a role opposite to it. So instead of discarding high value cards, keep them under your possession for two to three rounds. When you do that, there is a high possibility of your opponent discarding a high value card which may match the face value of the cards that you hold. Thus, by reversing the golden rule trick, you can actually trick the opponents to dance to your tunes.

The mobile gaming industry is flourishing along with the smartphone industry with many online rummy sites releasing their own versions of mobile rummy applications. These applications enable you to enjoy all the highlights that you find in an online rummy site including the ability to make deposits and withdrawals.

Indian Rummy is a popular 13 card game that focuses on draw and dispose off the cards. The fundamental goal of this game is to enhance one’s hand, nevertheless of the cards one has. He follows the procedure of drawing and disposing of cards and focuses on framing sets. Certain principles must be followed while making these sets.

How to play on app:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to download the APK file of the application and install it on your device to start playing cash rummy games. Read my previous post about how can I win real cash by playing rummy online?

Now, register a free account at your favorite rummy website by filling out and submitting the details by using the “Sign-Up” button on the landing page. This enables you to start playing the rummy games either for free to practice or you can even play rummy games for cash.

Deposit cash into your account and start playing the cash games that are accessible on the website, and enjoy different rummy variations. Many websites accept debit/credit cards, net banking and cash cards for making the deposits.

In a rummy game for a specific hand, every player is dealt with 13 cards. Furthermore, there are 2 stacks from which every player can choose cards, thereby drawing a card. Once a player draws a card, he needs to dispose off one card (discarding). A player can draw from either the closed un-managed cards or the open discarded heap. The goal is to arrange these cards into appropriate groups and sequences of cards. These sequences can be either pure or impure. At least 2 Lives are required to have a substantial valid arrangement.

To include significantly more fun and fervor to your rummy gaming background, rummy websites offer daily, weekly, monthly tournaments. Other than regular gaming you additionally get the chance to join occasional and festive based online rummy tournaments with choices of playing for free or with money for winning prizes.

Another added advantage of having mobile rummy application with you is getting additional rewards that most sites provide for their players when they make deposits to their rummy account. So, check which is the best app to play rummy for real cash and  download your favorite rummy app and start playing!

A standout amongst the most famous card games in India is Rummy. There are number of websites that give you the opportunity to play online rummy. There is an added advantage of winning the cash prize while playing rummy online.

JungleeRummy App

JungleeRummy is one of the fastest growing rummy websites in India. One of the main reasons behind its development is the best utilization of UI for web and mobile. The rummy application offers all the highlights that you enjoy on the website. That includes numerous tournaments, the adaptability to claim extra offers and different deals through mobile application. Other selective highlights are 24×7 customer service, hassle free transactions. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download JungleeRummy’s rummy app by giving a missed call on 080-3008-8467.

Classic Rummy App

Classic Rummy’s rummy application is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded from their web site. The application includes all your favorite components of the game. This makes it a standout amongst other online rummy sites. A player can enjoy the variants of rummy like pool, strikes and deals rummy for real cash and can make a withdrawal request of his winnings from the rummy application itself. Similar to, JungleeRummy application, Classic Rummy also offers 24×7 customer support with live chat support. You can download the rummy application on your iOS or Android device by giving a missed call on 939-0793-907.

RummyCircle App:

Rummy Circle’s application is accessible on all Android devices and it can be downloaded from the website.  You might be wondering if downloading non Google play rummy app is safe , read my previous post about it. The application includes all the favorite components of the game like weekly tournaments, bonus and deals. The security features of the app are same as that of rummy website. Customer Service team is available 24×7 to reach out to your queries. Quick turnaround time by customer support through email and call support. The payments are processed every 24 hours, which makes the withdrawal process quick. You can give missed call on 08080894422 to download the RummyCircle app. RummyCircle is committed to give the best rummy experience to all its rummy players.

Playing online rummy involves a detailed analysis and strategic thinking which will help you in winning the game. Fear not, as there is no rocket science involved, however, it requires coordinating with the other players and learning the art of dealing with the cards. Here is my previous post on how to download your favorite rummy app to start playing rummy.

It is safe to download a non google play rummy app:

It’s a myth that any android gadget enables you to install applications from a sole source: the Google Play Store. To get any software, you must enable installation from third- party sources and acknowledge it. The most secure and biggest wellspring of Android applications is, obviously, the play store. Be that as it may, there are situations when a valuable and convenient Android application isn’t accessible there. A few prevalent applications which are not available on google play store are accessible separately.

You should ensure that a third-party application is compatible with your Android gadget. There are applications that would just keep running under specific adaptations of Android yet not under others. To make sure of this, take time to check the highlights of the application before installing.

There are also applications that will introduce accurately and work on your Android gadget however with an unusual looking UI. This is because there are applications enhanced for a specific display size and may not look great on other screen sizes.

The applications from the Android Market are very easy to install, simply search, click Install, and make the most of your application. Or you can read step by step guide on how to download rummy mobile app directly from Google play. That is how easy it is with Android Market. With third party applications, however, you must experience few stages. There is option in your mobile to permit or forbid installation of applications from non-Market sources.

Why am I getting a warning while installing a non Google play rummy app

Change the settings of your phone for safe third party app downloads.If you need to permit installation of third party applications on your mobile, go to Menu > Settings > Applications and ensure ” Unknown sources ” is checked.

Doing this will make sure you won’t be getting a warning while installing a non-Google play rummy app. This is required as you will be downloading it directly from our website and not from play store. It is completely safe to download the rummy app from the website.

The online Rummy is one of those games that is equally convenient to be played both through desktop and mobiles. All the facilities available for playing Rummy through desktop are present in mobiles too and vice versa. Probably this flexibility of the game suited for both desktops and mobiles is responsible for its nationwide appeal. Let us now look in detail as to how to play the game both through desktops and mobiles including how to play Rummy tutorials.

Through desktop:

Originally the online Rummy was designed for desktops only before the advent of the game through mobiles. For playing Rummy through a desktop all you need is a computer connected to the internet. Through a browser like “Internet Explorer” or

“Chrome” or the like, type the internet address of the respective Rummy holder on the task bar and go on to the site, click enter. You can register and start playing the game as per the guidelines given. Isn’t that very simple?

Through mobile:

As the Rummy games are available 24×7, you may like to try the game whenever you are free. There are certain tournaments which run within a specific period of time. So, if you are not in a place where your desktop is inaccessible, you miss s chance to participate. Thus, the mobile Rummy comes in handy during such times as it facilities “play on the go.” The mobile apps are designed by Rummy stakeholders specially for that purpose so that the users are not deprived of the game anytime whenever they want to play it. So how to play Rummy through mobiles? It is quite sample. Ensure that you have a data package with a decent connectivity enabling you to play for long.

Download the app and install it by reading the instructions as given in the site for doing it. Once the app gets downloaded, the game is all yours. You can click on the app and play at the same speed as you do it when you play through desktop. Whether you are on a travel, whether you are stuck in traffic, whether you are waiting for your next flight – in short – no matter wherever you are put up- you can start playing the game through mobile app. Here is step by step guide on how to download rummy app in your mobile phone.

Having seen how to play the Rummy game through desktop and mobile app, let us now understand how to play Rummy tutorials.

How to play the game with the help of Rummy tutorials?

Even an expert Rummy player becomes a layman when he enters online Rummy for the first time. So, what to say about someone who has very little knowledge about the game? Will not it be a tough nut to crack for him? So, the Rummy sites have come up with various tutorials which are available as videos. Clicking on each video, you will have an idea on how to play. Normally the first video equips you with all the necessary knowledge about the game including the rules.

The following videos, clicking on each will let you know how to pick up a card from the closed deck or open deck, how to discard a card, how to drop the game, how to keep the cards in order, how to declare, how to use different tricks, etc., You must watch each and every video carefully before taking a chance to play real cash games. If you have failed to notice any one of them you will be struggling to play the game where you will have no one to help you. So, it is inevitable that you play the game after having properly guided by the video tutorials available. Once it is done, coupled by the experience that you gain as you play more, you can outshine many other players and experts in the days to come.

In each rummy game, all the players are dealt with 13 cards. The goal of a 13 card rummy game is to orchestrate these 13 cards into sets and sequences. Players typically organize their cards into four sequences of 3, 3, 3 and 4 cards. This gathering of cards can be sets or sequences. This procedure of grouping cards into sets and sequences is Melding. After the player melds these sequences, they should submit the cards for validation. The way of submitting cards for approval is called rummy show. Just like other rummy rules of the game, there are certain principles for playing the game. Here are few rummy show rules.

How to complete the game?

  •         Once you finish the objective of assembling cards into sets and sequences, you should look after the steps given below for declaring a show.
  •         Click on the declare card and select the ‘declare’ button at the bottom and confirm if you want to declare the game

Rummy Show Rules

So as to make an effective show, a player must have 2 sequences out of which one should be a pure sequence. Below is the example of a right rummy show (If 10 is the joker)

A 2 3 10| 5 6 7 | 8 8 8♣ | K K K

The above is a valid show because:

  •         All the 13 cards are in valid sets and sequences
  •         It has at least two groupings – 5 6 7 and A 2 3 10. Here, 5 6 7 is a pure sequence and A 23 10 is a is an impure sequence. It meets the target of the game of having no less than two arrangements, out of which one is a is a pure sequence. Keep in mind the correct approach to make a substantial hand and figure out how to play Indian Rummy in the correct way.

Cases of wrong rummy shows

A set can have a most extreme of 4 cards. Each card must be of a similar rank however with a different suit. A set can’t have more than one card of a same suit. Most of the games facilitated at online rummy websites utilize more than 1 deck of cards where you can’t make a set with two indistinguishable cards of a similar suit.

Example: A 2 3 4 5 | 4 5 6 7 | 8 8 8 8

A set is gathering of three or four cards of a similar face value with various suits. Here, 8 8 8 is an invalid set as there are two cards of a similar suit – 8.

Rummy show rules are simple, yet it takes a considerable measure of training to get it flawless. The core of the rummy game is the rules. Consequently, the players must concentrate on getting the principle rummy rules into their heads; the rest will follow accordingly. You can check “how to play points rummy” and “pool rummy” here.

Almost everyone knows a thing or two about Rummy when it comes to knowing rules of the game. But unless once get into the habit of playing Rummy online having read all the rules given in respective online sites one may not be able to know many intricacies of the game. For example, how many of you may know the worth of an ace and if you even know it how many of you actually that the said card carries different weight age on two different situations? Let us now see how much is an ace worth in online Rummy?

Value of an ace:

An ace which is normally grouped as A 2 3 4 is worth just one point. A run formed by Q K A is generally viewed as wrong. But in order to make such formation legal some play aces as a high value cards rating them with 15 points. So, ace is therefore the only card which can be used to form two types of sequences either as a high value card or as a lower value card. So, it is basically the cards with which is melded with decides the point of an Ace card.  Even an unusual formation with Ace being in the middle like K A 2 also is practised by many players. When a player is out, the sum total of all the cards in the rest of the players’ hands is measured and added to the winner’s score.

When ace card acts as a joker?

When the printed joker is picked up as a wild joker the ace of any suit can perform the role of the random joker.

Having understood the point system related to Ace let us see how Ace cards helps in handling bad Rummy.

How Ace thwarts bad Rummy?

When you encounter a situating like bad Rummy ace cards come in handy. Since Ace can be used to form two types of melds – either as A 2 3 or A K Q – it is always better to hold such a card not discarding it although it is a nice idea to drop high value cards. Ace is that special card which cannot be discarded as it gives you multiple options of forming a sequence.

Same way as Ace of any suit can act as a random joker if a printed joker is treated as a random joker. So, Ace has multiple utilities as a card when it is about handling bad Rummy. You can read my previous post about “What are The Tips to Handle Bad Rummy Hand” to handle such situation smartly in Rummy.