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Dealing with high cards is one of the challenges that a player of Indian online Rummy faces quite frequently. Unlike other card games, holding cards with high values is a bane as far as Indian Rummy is concerned. You are burdened with high value points when your opponents declare the game. Carrying heavy points can drastically affect your progress in the successive deals. Ace, King, Queen and Jack are the high value cards and the danger possessed by holding them can be thwarted/dealt as follows. If you are new to online rummy you can read my previous post about “how to play rummy game“.

Shed high value cards:

As holding of high value cards can prove fateful for a Rummy player, it is better to get rid of them immediately in successive moves unless you feel it imperative to hold one. Normally high value cards are not used to form a pure sequence. So, what is the need to hold them? By discarding high value cards, each carrying 10 points, your chances of staying in the game increases as opposed to holding them for long. So, discarding high cards is the golden rule any expert Rummy player is expected to follow.

Foxing your opponents:

On the contrary to the golden rule, if your opponent picks up a high value card from the open deck, you can take it for granted that he has already formed a sequence / set because under no ordinary circumstances does a regular Rummy player is known to pick up a high value card burdening himself. If your opponent picks up a high card say a K, it means he is in the process of completing a sequence involving Q J and A. Under such a scenario where your opponent looks like fallen into a decisive trap, starve him of cards close to K. This smart move of yours would reduce his chances of winning as he would be chasing for high cards in futility.

Trick reversal:

As every player is aware of the importance of discarding high value cards, you can in fact outsmart your opponents by doing a role opposite to it. So instead of discarding high value cards, keep them under your possession for two to three rounds. When you do that, there is a high possibility of your opponent discarding a high value card which may match the face value of the cards that you hold. Thus, by reversing the golden rule trick, you can actually trick the opponents to dance to your tunes.

A standout amongst the most famous card games in India is Rummy. There are number of websites that give you the opportunity to play online rummy. There is an added advantage of winning the cash prize while playing rummy online.

JungleeRummy App

JungleeRummy is one of the fastest growing rummy websites in India. One of the main reasons behind its development is the best utilization of UI for web and mobile. The rummy application offers all the highlights that you enjoy on the website. That includes numerous tournaments, the adaptability to claim extra offers and different deals through mobile application. Other selective highlights are 24×7 customer service, hassle free transactions. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download JungleeRummy’s rummy app by giving a missed call on 080-3008-8467.

Classic Rummy App

Classic Rummy’s rummy application is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded from their web site. The application includes all your favorite components of the game. This makes it a standout amongst other online rummy sites. A player can enjoy the variants of rummy like pool, strikes and deals rummy for real cash and can make a withdrawal request of his winnings from the rummy application itself. Similar to, JungleeRummy application, Classic Rummy also offers 24×7 customer support with live chat support. You can download the rummy application on your iOS or Android device by giving a missed call on 939-0793-907.

RummyCircle App:

Rummy Circle’s application is accessible on all Android devices and it can be downloaded from the website.  You might be wondering if downloading non Google play rummy app is safe , read my previous post about it. The application includes all the favorite components of the game like weekly tournaments, bonus and deals. The security features of the app are same as that of rummy website. Customer Service team is available 24×7 to reach out to your queries. Quick turnaround time by customer support through email and call support. The payments are processed every 24 hours, which makes the withdrawal process quick. You can give missed call on 08080894422 to download the RummyCircle app. RummyCircle is committed to give the best rummy experience to all its rummy players.

Playing online rummy involves a detailed analysis and strategic thinking which will help you in winning the game. Fear not, as there is no rocket science involved, however, it requires coordinating with the other players and learning the art of dealing with the cards. Here is my previous post on how to download your favorite rummy app to start playing rummy.

One of the most important things which any Rummy aspirant should be well familiar with is the usage of a joker card. A joker is a card which can replace any other card to form a Rummy. The results of many Rummy games have been decided by the clever usage of the joker cards. Before explaining it, very briefly, let us know the two types of joker cards.

A joker card can either be a randomly selected card at the beginning of the game or a printed joker card having a buffoon image inscribed in it. Both these cards are used to replace any card while forming sequences / sets. A printed joker comes as the 53rd card in the pack of cards. Now let us see why it is necessary to make a hand with a joker card.

Let us first rule out one thing. A joker cannot be used to form a pure sequence. However, the other sequences and sets can be formed with either a wild joker card or a printed joker. A joker is a trump card for any players when they are struggling to form Rummy in conformance to the rules of the Rummy game. A person who knows to use the joker in a proper way is sure to have an edge over other players. Sometimes if the printed joker is selected as a random joker, then as of any suit can be used as a random joker. Knowing so many such rules about joker one can bring in a substantial difference to his game. Normally, it is advisable to use a joker to form sets and sequences of high value cards.

Once the usage of jokers is thoroughly known to a player, he will be able to tell you how important it is to have a hand with joker.

As a Rummy aspirant, one of the important facets of the game that you need to know and invoke at the right time is the usage of ‘drop’ feature. This aspect of dropping the game, if you are able to use wisely, then you can successfully evade even a grave situation. It is purely your decision to make, analysing the cards that you hold.

What is a drop or what constitutes a drop?

A drop is a feature used by players in online Rummy which enables you to drop the game before picking up a card from the open/closed deck.

Why do you drop from a game?

A game is dropped by a player on purpose to guard himself from losing more points if he feels he sees no hope of completing a valid declaration.

What should you do before dropping a game:

Before dropping a game, make sure you are relieved of all higher value cards so that you are not burdened with more points. This type of dropping after making a few first moves is called as a middle drop.

Now let us see quickly as to what a middle drop is all about.

The game of Rummy is all about forming at least two sequences one of which should be a pure life, in addition to forming sets and sequences with the remaining cards. When such a scenario of forming pure sequence (consecutive number of same cards without joker) does not seem to arise, the player can drop the game using the drop feature. By doing so, he gets only 40 points totally. This is one scenario.

One more scenario gets a player middle drop points of 40 automatically if he misses to play three consecutive turns and is thus dropped from the game too

Finally, when a player chooses to leave the table having drawn a card from the closed deck, it is considered a middle drop as well.

  • While playing rummy on web, choosing three cards shows a grouping button. Tapping on this button enables you to group the cards. Consequently, when a sequence or a set is finished, it is advised that you group the card which will make it simple for you to keep playing unhindered.
  • On cards being doled out, the player should first concentrate on finishing the required Pure Life. According to Indian Rummy rules for an effective show you need one Pure Life or Pure Sequence without the utilization of a joker. So, initially make pure arrangement of 3 to 7 cards without the utilization of a printed joker or special case joker.
  • Keep your score as low as possible is an essential in rummy. In the event that your adversary or another player announces a show it would greatly improve your score because your score is minimum. Also, helping you do this the correct way would be disposing of all higher esteem cards.
  • It is suggested that you dispose of copy cards as they add to your points if lying inert. Duplicate cards are of little use in 13 Cards Rummy or Indian Rummy, unless you have one as a feature of a grouping and the copy as a major aspect of a set.
  • In Indian Rummy you have 2 Printed Jokers and 7 Wild Card Jokers. If you end up having a few of these jokers in your grasp, it is encouraged to utilize them astutely. While 2 Life are required with one being Pure, you could wisely utilize a joker to shape the other Life with a joker. Likewise, you could utilize a joker to merge sets and move ahead and declare a show.

Rummy is an entertaining game, that’s why everyone is hooked to it these days. And playing rummy online is rewarding as well, you can now win some extra pocket money while playing your favorite game anytime, anywhere. You just log in to a rummy website, join a table and start playing. If you are skeptical about investing your time and money online, then you should know that rummy websites has been there for ages as a favorite destination for years now. Players also enjoy rewards as joining bonus on many websites.

Rummy is all about making sequences (two compulsorily – one must be a pure sequence and another may/may not be a pure sequence) and sets to reduce your points to zero before anyone else at the table does. You need a certain amount of talent to win a rummy game. You need to understand where to put what card and finish the game as soon as possible. You see, the player who finishes the game first will win the game. So, the moment you are dealt cards, your mission should be make a pure sequence and then the rest. If you possess one or two jokers, then winning is a piece of cake.

Jokers are a life saver in rummy. Just one pure sequence and you can still turn the table around if you have enough number of jokers. Just holding the jokers isn’t enough, anyway. You need to use them wisely. You need to understand the power of jokers while playing rummy. You need to rearrange your cards and reconsider your strategies by experimenting with the jokers you hold.

Example: You may make a set instead of a sequence and sequence instead of a set to finish the game. You should just constantly keep applying your mind and recalculating your options and use your jokers mindfully. Bottom line, it is necessary to keep an open mind and stay alert until you finish the game.

When you are playing for real money, losing isn’t an option. Even when you lose, it is always good to lose with as many less points as possible. Because every penny saved is a penny earned when you are at a rummy table.  You may do all this with regular cards that you are dealt with. But holding many jokers in your hand and winning with them – is like getting lucky. You can win quickly when you have jokers helping you. This means your opponents may lose with high points and you get to win a lot of money. Like we said before, if you are losing, lose with less points. Likewise, winning is better when your opponent loses with many points.

At a rummy table, joker is truly no joke. Use it wisely!

Rummy is a game of skill, hence it is important to keep improving on our skill set to win challenging rummy online games. Rummy skills are refined with practice, observance and sharp calculations. Here’s how to sharpen rummy skills and keep improving on the game.

  1. Play as many practice rummy tournaments as possible. This gives you the opportunity to play different games without actually involving real cash. You get an idea about the level of players and see how many games you are winning.
  2. Practice in beginner’s tournaments is another way to sharpen rummy skills. Here you will play a real tournament and improve your approach towards the game. This tournament is made especially for players who are just starting off with online rummy.
  3. Improve your concentration and memory building ability. Both of these are very essential to win a rummy game. 90% players lose a game due to poor concentration. Never play rummy cash games, when you are disturbed or tired. Even though it is a fun game, you need to give it undivided attention.
  4. Group your cards wisely. This helps in avoiding last minute mistakes and helps in making a valid Declaration.
  5. It is important to know the rummy rules properly. Often, we overlook some rules of rummy and then end up making invalid declaration.

By keeping all these points in mind, you will be able to sharpen your rummy skills in no time.

The competition in rummy gaming industry is developing steadily as all the more gaming organizations are prepared to put resources into the market. Just by looking the web you will have the capacity to a list down the rummy sites in India, yet the test is on the most proficient method to find the real rummy portal in India.

Search for real rummy portal in India.

Some of the things you ought to consider while finding real rummy portal in India.

  • Reviews: Rely on authentic rummy review sites to do an examination on the best rummy sites in India. You can likewise peruse through the player surveys, and application store reviews which will help you to get a thought on how dependable the sites are.
  • Play a Free Game: To locate the best rummy webpage as far as gameplay, you should signup on the site and play a free game. There is nothing more solid than you yourself finding the upsides and downsides while playing rummy.
  • Look for Certification: The best rummy sites will clearly have an accreditation that move down the validness of the site. Since rummy is a fun game that requires a rearranged deck of cards, the RNG (Random Number Generator) accreditation guarantees that the cards are rearranged randomly and are unpredictable.

So, the next time you are looking for the rummy sites do observe the above points. When you locate the real rummy site, you can be sure to play rummy for cash and exercise your ability for gaining huge profits!