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One difficulty or inconvenience which normally haunts the players in the game of online Rummy is abrupt disconnection. It is very common in the online world to experience disconnection due to loss of internet connectivity. So, what happens when a player gets disconnected in the middle of the game? Should he stand to lose immediately? The answer is “No”. You have your game saved even during disconnection and online Rummy sites have done a lot of homework for you to stay in the game even during disconnection. Let us quickly understand how the system works.

Disconnection policy:

As soon as the Internet connection goes off for a player, he gets a lifeline though thanks to the disconnection policy provided by the Rummy sites concerned. The policy is as briefed below:

  1. When a player’s internet gets disconnected subsequent to his first move, “disconnection timer” gets activated. Once it gets activated, the move jumps to the next user. This process will continue till the timer time elapses.
  2. When the disconnection happens subsequent to him picking up a card during his turn, the system discards the picked card.
  3. If the user gets reconnected, the disconnection timer stops and the time remaining on the disconnection timer will be used during next disconnection.
  4. Provided that the time left in the disconnection timer is 20 seconds upon recommendation, the same duration will be available for the user to perform his next action.
  5. When the disconnection happens during melding, the disconnected user gets a meld time extension of 30 seconds in addition to 45 seconds of meld time.
  6. When the disconnection happens during declaration, an extension of 45 seconds of melding time in addition to disconnection timer will be available to the user.

So, when you get disconnected frequently do not get annoyed. The disconnection policy is out there to help you overcome it.

The game of Rummy begins as a game of glorious uncertainty as you are unsure of the type of cards that are dealt to you. You may be holding cards which can form Rummy by itself in a few turns. But things can easily go wrong if you are dealt with a worst hand possible having little hope of conforming to the objective of Rummy which is nothing but forming at least two sequences one of which should be a pure life. So what measures should be taken when you have a bad hand? Let us see the same below.

  1. A bad hand may be like you are having many high value cards and forming sequences, i.e., consecutive cards of a same suit looks to be a distant dream. In that case, relieve yourself of the burden of holding high value cards as far as possible by discarding them one by one on turns.
  2. See to that at least you are able to form a pure sequence which can reduce a lot of points for you. In fact, forming a pure sequence should be the top priority for a Rummy player.
  3. Get an idea as to what type of combination your opponent is looking for by just discarding a card as a bait and if you find him picking it up you can get a view of the same.
  4. If you see your opponent drawing cards more from the closed deck, you can figure out that he is touch away from finishing the game and so you can react accordingly and plan your next move.
  5. You can even keep discarding low level cards falsely misleading your opponent that you are about to finish the game making him to forcefully thus drop the game.
  6. If none of the aforesaid scenarios seem to work out or looks impossible, it is better to drop out of the game either before making the first move or after a few moves, thus losing the game decently with fewer point.

The key objective to playing rummy is winning the game with valid sets and sequences. Even if a player has grouped his cards but they are not in a valid format, he will not be able to win the game. Click here for brief on what is valid and invalid declaration in rummy. Here are the steps to make a valid declaration of your rummy hand.

  1. Arrange your 13 cards in sets and sequences. It is mandatory to have a pure sequence to declare the game.
  2. A pure sequence is a group of 3 or more cards in consecutive order of the same suit, without a wild card or Joker. If you are using a Joker or wild card to make a sequence, then it is counted as an impure sequence.
  3. Before making a valid declaration, the player should have a pure sequence, and an impure sequence. The remaining cards can be arranged in sets.
  4. Other than the sequences, the player also needs to make sets. A set is a group of cards of the same value but different suits.
  5. Once you have 1 pure sequence, 1 impure sequence and remaining sets in order, you can declare and win the game.

Points to remember

Here are some things that can lead to an invalid declaration:

  1. If you are making sequences but both of them are impure, i.e. your sequences use Joker or wild card.
  2. When you form the sets, you cannot have two cards of the same suit in a group. So the below example is of an invalid set.

invalid set

Keep the following points in mind and you will be able to make a valid declaration and win the rummy game.  Learn how to play rummy game by using above mentioned tips of declaration.

The game of online Rummy is one of the least complicated games carrying a simple objective and the same is described short and crisp as below:

  • Arrange the cards in your hand to form at least two sequences and the remaining cards to form sets or sequences as possible.
  • One of the compulsory two sequences should be a pure one, formed without the usage of a wild card or a printed joker.
  • A pure sequence is an arrangement of consecutive cards of a particular suit. If is the suit, then the following formations are the examples of a pure sequence.  6 7 8  and  A K Q

If one of the said arrangements has one of its cards replaced with a random wild card or a printed joker then it is called an impure sequence.

  • A set is nothing but an arrangement of same value cards of different suits. The following two arrangements are the examples of a set. 6 6 6 and K K K

Does not it sound simple? It will look even simpler once you start practicing it on a daily basis.

Rummy Star gives the feel good factor to every rummy player playing online. Here’s how to become a rummy star yourself.

  1. If you are a talented player then you can fabricate your own profile page and start profiting by welcoming companions, family members, and others.
  2. Players taking an interest in Rummy Stars are given a chance to express how Rummy is a game of skill and how their ability has prompted to a superlative execution.
  3. Once you are a Rummy Star, a customized page is enabled and you can share it on all the Social Media pages that you can effectively utilize. If there are any companions from your Social Network, who are a part of the website, you will get a referral reward for the same.
  4. Players also get a referral amount for every successful referral. This cash is credited to you in parts. There is no restriction to the cash you can make through Rummy Stars program.
  5. A definite dashboard will demonstrate the quantity of individuals joining through your Rummy Stars profile. It will give the separation of individuals joining through Rummy Star profile from different Social Networks (FB, Twitter, G+, WhatsApp, Email)
  6. Websites cheer players on Rummy Stars to share their Rummy Stars profiles all the time through their Social systems and messages. All the more frequently you share your Rummy Stars profile on the Social pages you are dynamic on, the higher are your odds of profiting.
  7. Players get the full reward sum for all the fruitful referrals even after your Rummy Stars profile is deactivated. These will incorporate just those referrals who have marked through your Rummy Stars profile and satisfy the bonus criteria.

Want to win that rummy game? Well, all you need is your skills and you can win rummy games easily. Here are some useful rummy tips to help improve your game play in online rummy.

  1. The most important thing is to form your pure sequence. Even if you have your sets and sequences in order, without a pure sequence you can’t declare the game. Best, to make a pure sequence at the very beginning.
  2. Be alert and notice the cards your opponent discards and picks up. It will give you a fair idea of the hand he is trying to form.
  3. Give complete concentration to the game. If you are distracted or unwell, avoid playing rummy. You need to make quick mathematical decisions and use your analytical skills to win the game.
  4. Always try to use the Jokers to your advantage. Use your wild cards or Joker to replace the high value cards like King, Queen, Jack to complete a set or sequence.
  5. Don’t wait endlessly for a card to end up in the discard pile to complete your set or sequence. Shuffle and reshuffle your cards to Declare quickly.
  6. If you are stuck with some bad cards in your spread, you shouldn’t get disheartened. Instead, observe the cards your opponent is discarding. If you still feel you are stuck, it is best to drop out of the game at the beginning of the game, to reduce the point load.

Keep these useful rummy tips in your mind, every time you sit to play your rummy game.

In the game of 13 cards online Rummy, while forming of at least two sequences is mandatory to show, the balance cards can be used to form another sequence or a set. So, what is a set? Let us see step by step what constitutes a set and how is it formed.

  1. A set is nothing but grouping of three or four cards of different suits having same values.
  1. This is how a set can look like:  2222

Here the value 2 of spade is grouped with the 2s of other suits (Dice, Clubs and Hearts).

  1. Similarly, a set can also be formed as below: KKKK

Here all the Ks of various suits are grouped together to form a set. Likewise, you can group As, Js and Qs.

  • Invalid set:

Supposing you are playing with more than one pack of cards, you cannot form set with same suit having same values. For instance, a set formed as below will be declared as an invalid set. QQQQ

One important thing to remember is that you make sure that your focus on forming a set starts only after you are successful in forming sequences including a pure one.

A set can be formed with or without a joker too and the maximum number of jokers you can use is two as a set cannot have more than 4 cards for a valid declaration.

Making a valid declaration is the most important point of the rummy game. After all, a valid declaration is what can make you win the game and enjoy those cash prizes. Here’re the things to know when you are about to make a declaration.

  • The objective of the game is to organize each of the 13 cards into sequences and /or sets.
  • Least 2 sequences are required out of which 1 must be pure sequence (an arrangement made without a joker) and second grouping might be pure or impure.
  • Keeping in mind the end goal to make impure sequences, you can make most extreme 2 sets (same cards of various suits). The game starts with a hurl to choose which player will make the main move.
  • With a specific end goal to play online rummy successfully, you have to set your needs right i.e. to start with concentrate on making an impure sequence and after that second grouping and afterward search for different cards for making sequences or sets.
  • When you declare, you should organize your cards in sets and or sequences and group your orchestrated cards.
  • When you have done this, you should tap on the “declare” button.
  • A player must dispose of a card in order to complete the game. A player must demonstrate the cards close by gathering them in sets/sequences and tapping on “declare” button, when he/she moves a card to the finish slot.
  • The game will be considered to be finished on the off chance that you announce no less than two groupings, of which one must be an a pure sequence, i.e. an arrangement made without the utilization of a Joker card.
  • Please note that if two packs of cards are being utilized as a part of the game, you can’t utilize a similar card twice in a set. For instance, 9 99 is not viewed as a legitimate set and won’t be viewed as a substantial revelation.