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Dealing with high cards is one of the challenges that a player of Indian online Rummy faces quite frequently. Unlike other card games, holding cards with high values is a bane as far as Indian Rummy is concerned. You are burdened with high value points when your opponents declare the game. Carrying heavy points can drastically affect your progress in the successive deals. Ace, King, Queen and Jack are the high value cards and the danger possessed by holding them can be thwarted/dealt as follows. If you are new to online rummy you can read my previous post about “how to play rummy game“.

Shed high value cards:

As holding of high value cards can prove fateful for a Rummy player, it is better to get rid of them immediately in successive moves unless you feel it imperative to hold one. Normally high value cards are not used to form a pure sequence. So, what is the need to hold them? By discarding high value cards, each carrying 10 points, your chances of staying in the game increases as opposed to holding them for long. So, discarding high cards is the golden rule any expert Rummy player is expected to follow.

Foxing your opponents:

On the contrary to the golden rule, if your opponent picks up a high value card from the open deck, you can take it for granted that he has already formed a sequence / set because under no ordinary circumstances does a regular Rummy player is known to pick up a high value card burdening himself. If your opponent picks up a high card say a K, it means he is in the process of completing a sequence involving Q J and A. Under such a scenario where your opponent looks like fallen into a decisive trap, starve him of cards close to K. This smart move of yours would reduce his chances of winning as he would be chasing for high cards in futility.

Trick reversal:

As every player is aware of the importance of discarding high value cards, you can in fact outsmart your opponents by doing a role opposite to it. So instead of discarding high value cards, keep them under your possession for two to three rounds. When you do that, there is a high possibility of your opponent discarding a high value card which may match the face value of the cards that you hold. Thus, by reversing the golden rule trick, you can actually trick the opponents to dance to your tunes.

The mobile gaming industry is flourishing along with the smartphone industry with many online rummy sites releasing their own versions of mobile rummy applications. These applications enable you to enjoy all the highlights that you find in an online rummy site including the ability to make deposits and withdrawals.

Indian Rummy is a popular 13 card game that focuses on draw and dispose off the cards. The fundamental goal of this game is to enhance one’s hand, nevertheless of the cards one has. He follows the procedure of drawing and disposing of cards and focuses on framing sets. Certain principles must be followed while making these sets.

How to play on app:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to download the APK file of the application and install it on your device to start playing cash rummy games. Read my previous post about how can I win real cash by playing rummy online?

Now, register a free account at your favorite rummy website by filling out and submitting the details by using the “Sign-Up” button on the landing page. This enables you to start playing the rummy games either for free to practice or you can even play rummy games for cash.

Deposit cash into your account and start playing the cash games that are accessible on the website, and enjoy different rummy variations. Many websites accept debit/credit cards, net banking and cash cards for making the deposits.

In a rummy game for a specific hand, every player is dealt with 13 cards. Furthermore, there are 2 stacks from which every player can choose cards, thereby drawing a card. Once a player draws a card, he needs to dispose off one card (discarding). A player can draw from either the closed un-managed cards or the open discarded heap. The goal is to arrange these cards into appropriate groups and sequences of cards. These sequences can be either pure or impure. At least 2 Lives are required to have a substantial valid arrangement.

To include significantly more fun and fervor to your rummy gaming background, rummy websites offer daily, weekly, monthly tournaments. Other than regular gaming you additionally get the chance to join occasional and festive based online rummy tournaments with choices of playing for free or with money for winning prizes.

Another added advantage of having mobile rummy application with you is getting additional rewards that most sites provide for their players when they make deposits to their rummy account. So, check which is the best app to play rummy for real cash and  download your favorite rummy app and start playing!

Rummy is a standout amongst the most prominent card games throughout the world. The reason for rummy is to make sets of cards called as melds. A meld can incorporate three or four cards of a similar rank, or three cards or more in series of a similar suit. There are loads of variations in rummy, however they all have this same fundamental thought in common. Rummy is energizing and with the heaps of cash rewards and prizes, it unquestionably resembles a place to be. The game requires sharp systematic skills and thinking capacity. As a decent rummy player, you should show extraordinary patience, sharp perception of your opponent’s play and support fast basic leadership capacity with a specific end goal to come up a triumphant system. In any case, before you enter this fun and energizing universe of rummy, here are few things that you must know.

Rummy means diligent work

A typical mistaken judgment with regards to online rummy is that it’s anything but difficult to win rummy games and appreciate the money prizes. Actually, it requires commitment and hard-work and you have to know the standards of rummy well. If you end up getting confused with what moves to make, at that point you to need to practice harder

Rummy rules and rummy tricks work together

When we say rummy tricks, it doesn’t mean we are accomplishing something out of the box. Truth is that, it is simply persuading you to concentrate on the little components of rummy that can enable you to win. The greater part of the tricks is well inside the rummy rules and you must play deliberately, in the event that you need to win the matches. Hence, before you utilize the rummy tricks, learn the rules of rummy.

Each variation of rummy is not the same as the other

If you think, regardless of any rummy game you play it will be the same, you are wrong. Diverse rummy variations have separate set of rules and you need to comprehend the distinction to win the game. Experiment with the practice games in each segment and ace the skills.

Rummy cash games are not quite the same as cash tournaments

There is a critical difference with regards to rummy cash games versus rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments begin at a specified time with a pre-enrollment prerequisite. A player needs to play several rounds according to the tournament size. However, cash games are speedy and short and are generally constrained to a solitary round.

Download rummy and win cash on the go

Yes, you really need not to be constrained to your desktop with regards to rummy. You simply need to download rummy application and play on your mobile. The applications are totally secure and supports card and several types of transactions. Obviously, your account gets matched up consequently too.

Along these lines, yes rummy world is energizing and fun. Rummy being a session of ability is the most ideal approach to enhance your thinking too. However, just like other things in life, to ace this game, there are no easy routes. Thus, play hard, read rummy guide with complete focus.

One difficulty or inconvenience which normally haunts the players in the game of online Rummy is abrupt disconnection. It is very common in the online world to experience disconnection due to loss of internet connectivity. So, what happens when a player gets disconnected in the middle of the game? Should he stand to lose immediately? The answer is “No”. You have your game saved even during disconnection and online Rummy sites have done a lot of homework for you to stay in the game even during disconnection. Let us quickly understand how the system works.

Disconnection policy:

As soon as the Internet connection goes off for a player, he gets a lifeline though thanks to the disconnection policy provided by the Rummy sites concerned. The policy is as briefed below:

  1. When a player’s internet gets disconnected subsequent to his first move, “disconnection timer” gets activated. Once it gets activated, the move jumps to the next user. This process will continue till the timer time elapses.
  2. When the disconnection happens subsequent to him picking up a card during his turn, the system discards the picked card.
  3. If the user gets reconnected, the disconnection timer stops and the time remaining on the disconnection timer will be used during next disconnection.
  4. Provided that the time left in the disconnection timer is 20 seconds upon recommendation, the same duration will be available for the user to perform his next action.
  5. When the disconnection happens during melding, the disconnected user gets a meld time extension of 30 seconds in addition to 45 seconds of meld time.
  6. When the disconnection happens during declaration, an extension of 45 seconds of melding time in addition to disconnection timer will be available to the user.

So, when you get disconnected frequently do not get annoyed. The disconnection policy is out there to help you overcome it.

The game of Rummy is played with so many varieties, although objective in all the cases being almost the same. It is the number of players and the cards which mostly differentiate one type from another. Let’s us now understand the types of Rummy which are popular over the years in brief.

Traditional Rummy:

Traditional Rummy is in existence since last 200 years and is known as one of the most popular card games played with a standard deck of 52 cards. A minimum of two to six players is required to play this game. Each player is dealt with ten cards and everyone should pick and discard a card on turns to form combination in conformance to the objective of the game which is nothing but arrangement of sequences/sets.

13 card Rummy:

This type of game is played with 13 cards and again the objective is also about forming sequences / sets one of which must be a pure one. It is usually played only with a single joker drawn randomly as a wild card. The printed joker is normally not used in this game which is played with single deck of card.

Kalooki Rummy:

In certain North American and European countries, a certain Kalooki Rummy is very popular. This is spelled in different ways in different countries like Kalukki, Kalookie etc.

Rummy 500:

Rummy 500 is a variety of Rummy believed to have been originated in Persia and so is called Persian Rummy too. This Rummy is played with two to eight players with each getting seven cards. One who reaches 500 points first is declared the winner of this game.

Gin Rummy:

Gin Rummy is played generally between two players. But there is no sealing as to how many players can join. If the number of players get increased so will be the deck. Each player is dealt with ten cards and the one who gets rid of all the cards first is declared the winner of this Rummy.

Likewise, there are many other Rummy types like Contract Rummy, Indian marriage Rummy, Oklohama Rummy each having its own set of rules with basic objective remaining almost the same, as stated earlier.

Rummy is a game which requires some measure of considering and individuals who are great with numbers can without much of a stretch ace the game. On the off chance that you are a novice, you can simply take in the nuts and bolts of game and gradually progress as a professional player. In the event that you are given some opportunity to hone, you can without much of a stretch beat your contenders.

You should figure out how to peruse the cards in your grasp and ought to compute what cards are probably going to be in the shut deck or with the opponent. It is not that hard, you can begin by becoming more acquainted with about the idea of likelihood. On the off chance that you approach an ambiguous thought on what cards your opponent is holding, it won’t be troublesome for you to win the game of rummy.

Know Your Cards

A portion of the essential things that you should know are that 2 decks of cards are utilized 52 each which makes a sum of 104 cards + 2 printed Jokers. There are 4 suits of 26 cards each (13 cards for each suit x 2 decks). The trump card Joker is chosen indiscriminately which makes it 8 Jokers (1 from each suit x 2 decks) which makes the aggregate number of Jokers to be 10 in a game (2 printed Jokers + 8 8 wild card Jokers).

There are 20 odd numbered cards in a common deck of cards. There are 4 suits. Each suit has 5 odd cards: A,3,5,7,9.

Odd and Even Cards

Like the shade of the cards, if you managed odd numbered cards, the odds are that your adversary will be having bunches of even numbered cards. This will enable you to comprehend what the estimation of cards your rival holds.

    • Rummy is skill based cash game played by rummy players around the country; the majority of the general population play rummy for stimulation and time pass when people get together. These days 13 cards Indian rummy is played through online worldwide among players.
    • Individuals play rummy and think it is a simple game, yet just experienced, gifted and talented rummy players will realize that it is a passage to win cash rewards and prizes, while enjoying a fun game.
    • When a player comes to know few tricks and techniques about the game they can win a great deal simply by utilizing their rummy skills to play. Initially if a new player participates in an online rummy game; they play some practice games and figure out how to deal with basic and tough situations.  Once you get enough confidence by playing practice rummy you can play rummy online for cash.
    • A player can win cash  by participating in high esteem cash games and win that one utilizing their rummy skills which he had prepared by practicing the games with his own ability. After office or business hours amid their extra time scarcely 2 to 3 hours a day can make a player to unwind and have a good time and even he can win more cash games by staggering visual and powerful robust game engine.

Find the interesting rummy tips that can help you win the game and make you a rummy champ in a short time.

o    Comes with a plan

Rummy is all about planning & execution. Successful rummy players have mastered this art and they often hit the table with a plan. Planning in this context refers to his preparedness to handle any challenges he may encounter during the game. If things don’t go the way he planned, he folds his hand and concentrates on the next game. Planning also means budget, a rummy player allocates for a rummy session.

   Equipped with procedures

As we have said recently, you won’t get a decent or perfect hand each time you play online rummy. You should set up your game methodologies for a bad hand. Methodology changes for each type of bad hands. A decent player picks the correct procedure based on his hand.

o    Observes carefully and stops at the perfect time

Great perception abilities are sign of an expert rummy player. Based observing other player’s moves you should have the capacity to devise procedures required for that specific game. Wild and arbitrary moves without observing would doom your odds in the rummy game. Proficient rummy players know when to wrap their sessions.

o    Optimistic & Resilient

Rummy players remain optimistic in all circumstances. Unfortunately, you can’t win every game while playing. The outcome of the game depends on several factors like starting hands, hand cards doled out in every deal etc. It is important to remain optimistic in all occasions & stand undeterred by losses. Rummy players who are resilient can rise up even when they are burnt to ashes in a rummy game.

Regardless of whether you’re new to Rummy or a long-lasting fan, you’ve most likely gone over a term or two amid a diversion that you might not have been comfortable with. Every single indoor amusement and outside diversions have their own glossary. Information of the terms utilized as a part of online rummy can enhance your comprehension of this diversion.

Joker-The printed joker of the deck is utilized as a part of the diversion. It has no points. To make the game intriguing, one trump card is picked towards the start of the game and it is dealt as a joker. The three different cards of this specific number are dealt as jokers and they do have points. Joker is utilized to form impure sets and sequences.

Draw-Either you pick a card or you dispose off a card. Each time you do this at the session of your turn it is named as a draw. In each diversion there is one picking slot and one disposing of space.

Discard- Putting a card that’s not required by you in the ‘Discard’ pile is known as Discard.

Declare- When the player wishes to end the game, when he/she has met the motivation behind the game that implies he/she has framed all the groupings and sets then, one can declare the game. This can occur on the principal move as the cards may as of now be in appropriate order.

Drop-Players can quit playing the game whenever they need. This alternative is regularly practiced by players who trust they have poor cards. Players get pre-chosen points if there is an occurrence of a drop.

Meld – When cards are shaped into sets and sequences then it is called as a meld.

Speaking of the history of Rummy, the game that has taken India by storm completely of late, there is no credible evidence available establishing the authenticity of the same. However, it is generally believed that the Mexican game of Conquian is the father of all Rummy games. It is also alleged, however, that Conquian, as the game was called earlier, was first invented in America before moving to Mexico. There is another theory which links its origin to Spain which again alleges that the game moved to West, thanks to Spanish people when they migrated there. However, both the theories are in agreement when it comes to establishing the nomenclature of the game which prevailed in the past and that is called Conquian.

History of Conquian:

Though the history of Conquian dates to several hundred years (400 to be precise), having assumed the form of Rummy, it is still seen dominating online games in India, leading every other game by quite a distance. The reason behind its ever-increasing popularity is because it is getting played in different variations. And why not? Before descending in India, it has travelled so many countries and has attained many transformations in the process.

Let us further discuss as to how the game has evolved over the years being played in various places across the world.

The Poker connection:

There is a belief that the 13-card game of Rummy is devised as a form of Poker. Since Poker is also a game of forming sequences, at hindsight, this theory appears to be true and perhaps is a fact too. In fact, Rummy itself is named after Rum poker – one of the varieties of Poker, as per John Scarne, a famous author on card games.

Chinese origin:

Contrary to all the popular beliefs on the authenticity of the origin of Rummy, all of which pointing out to either Europe or North America, there is a school of thought which indicates its Asian connection too. There used to be a card game called Mah Jongg in China thousand years ago having the same pick and discard style as that of Rummy and so some people claim that the game has originated in China. In the 19th century, the same game assumed other names like Khanhoo and Kon Khin and was widely popular in China. So, the game of Rummy may have had its Asian connection and thus must have migrated to India easily.

Thus, there is no foolproof indication clearly suggesting the origin of this game. But one thing is clear. The game is several hundred years old and had its roots in many parts of the world, before making a significant impact in India.