Rummy Game Tutorial


The online Rummy is one of those games that is equally convenient to be played both through desktop and mobiles. All the facilities available for playing Rummy through desktop are present in mobiles too and vice versa. Probably this flexibility of the game suited for both desktops and mobiles is responsible for its nationwide appeal. Let us now look in detail as to how to play the game both through desktops and mobiles including how to play Rummy tutorials.

Through desktop:

Originally the online Rummy was designed for desktops only before the advent of the game through mobiles. For playing Rummy through a desktop all you need is a computer connected to the internet. Through a browser like “Internet Explorer” or

“Chrome” or the like, type the internet address of the respective Rummy holder on the task bar and go on to the site, click enter. You can register and start playing the game as per the guidelines given. Isn’t that very simple?

Through mobile:

As the Rummy games are available 24×7, you may like to try the game whenever you are free. There are certain tournaments which run within a specific period of time. So, if you are not in a place where your desktop is inaccessible, you miss s chance to participate. Thus, the mobile Rummy comes in handy during such times as it facilities “play on the go.” The mobile apps are designed by Rummy stakeholders specially for that purpose so that the users are not deprived of the game anytime whenever they want to play it. So how to play Rummy through mobiles? It is quite sample. Ensure that you have a data package with a decent connectivity enabling you to play for long.

Download the app and install it by reading the instructions as given in the site for doing it. Once the app gets downloaded, the game is all yours. You can click on the app and play at the same speed as you do it when you play through desktop. Whether you are on a travel, whether you are stuck in traffic, whether you are waiting for your next flight – in short – no matter wherever you are put up- you can start playing the game through mobile app. Here is step by step guide on how to download rummy app in your mobile phone.

Having seen how to play the Rummy game through desktop and mobile app, let us now understand how to play Rummy tutorials.

How to play the game with the help of Rummy tutorials?

Even an expert Rummy player becomes a layman when he enters online Rummy for the first time. So, what to say about someone who has very little knowledge about the game? Will not it be a tough nut to crack for him? So, the Rummy sites have come up with various tutorials which are available as videos. Clicking on each video, you will have an idea on how to play. Normally the first video equips you with all the necessary knowledge about the game including the rules.

The following videos, clicking on each will let you know how to pick up a card from the closed deck or open deck, how to discard a card, how to drop the game, how to keep the cards in order, how to declare, how to use different tricks, etc., You must watch each and every video carefully before taking a chance to play real cash games. If you have failed to notice any one of them you will be struggling to play the game where you will have no one to help you. So, it is inevitable that you play the game after having properly guided by the video tutorials available. Once it is done, coupled by the experience that you gain as you play more, you can outshine many other players and experts in the days to come.

The game of Rummy, the most popular online game in India, is played with at least a deck of 52 cards. Before knowing to play Rummy, it is essential to know what constitutes a deck of 52 cards. A deck will have cards of four different suits viz. Spade, clubs, Hearts and Diamonds each owning four face value cards – Ace, King, Queen and Jack. If you are interested to know how many even number cards are in the deck, here it is:

2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 are the even number cards found in each suit and since there are four suits into to, the total even number cards will be 5×4 = 20.

Having known the constitution of cards as above, let us go through the tips to play Rummy.

  1. Rummy is the game played with an objective of forming at least two sequences one of which must be a pure one and the remaining cards will be used to form sequences or sets. So, remember this objective carefully and give your priority to form pure sequence first. This is the important tip for any Rummy player.
  2. Holding high value cards is a taboo and so discard them as far as possible immediately so that you are not burdened with more points.
  3. Know how to use joker cards (wild card / printed joker) since they can be used to replace any card to form a sequence or set. Do remember joker cards cannot be used to form pure sequences.
  4. Have a close watch on the moves of your opponents and ascertain from their actions as to what type of arrangements they are trying to form. The following methods can be used to gauge your opponents and influence them.
    1. Discard a random card that you have a two of and see if your opponent picks it up. If he does you will know what sequence is he looking for.
    2. Keep discarding lower value cards or picking up high value cards for three to four consecutive turns so that you can confuse your opponent into thinking that you are about to finish the game.
    3. Keep drawing cards from the open deck which will confuse your opponents who will fold the cards thinking you are winning the game. This act of confusing your opponent is called bluffing.
  5. Do not hold any card for too long. Keep changing your plan as per the existing situation and be flexible. Persevering with just one plan is not a clever idea to win Rummy. Always look for plan B.
  6. If you are unable to finish the game holding difficult set of cards, just drop yourself from the game so that at least you are not losing with more points. You can either drop yourself at the beginning of the game or at the middle of the game.

So those were the tips to win the game of Rummy which is essential for any Rummy player to know before proceeding to play the game of online Rummy. You can check previous post on “how to play 13 cards rummy” here, It may help you to play rummy like champions. 

As soon as you are dealt with the cards in the game of online Rummy, it needs to be ascertained if you can go ahead playing it. If the cards look seemingly unplayable it is better to duck by dropping the game instead of losing it badly. So how to determine which hand is likely to give a success to a player? Let us now see the possible scenarios where a player can confidently feel that the game is playable.

When the cards likely to meet the game’s objective:

The objective of the online Rummy game is to form at least two sequences one of which should be a pure one and the remaining cards are used to form sequences / sets. If you are beginner of online rummy you can learn  how to play rummy game.  So once the cards are dealt to you please make sure if a pure sequence looks easier to be formed first. If so you can feel confident of having a very good hand.

Less high value cards:

Even if you have relatively a bad hand, you can still play the game if possess less or perhaps no high value cards. You will lose with more points if you carry high value cards and such losses are not good for your prospects at all if you are a regular Rummy player.

Opponent’s actions:

You can also judge your hand by observing your opponent’s actions closely which will enable you to know whether he is running a good hand or he is struggling. If his actions prompt he is having a bad hand, you can continue playing the game or else it is better to drop immediately.

With the help of aforesaid tips, one can decide which hand is better to play Rummy. You can read what are the tips to handle a bad rummy hand to improve chance of winning. 

Rummy is a game that has made its habitation in our souls and our lives by truly turning into a major piece of our excitement and entertainment. The way that it has moved online implies that you would now be able to play considerably more and that too at whenever the longing strikes you.

We are certain that most you are truly acquainted with the game, even the individuals who don’t really play it. Yet, here are a couple of realities about rummy that you can truly take to the bank:

  •         Rummy is a game that is managed by certain rationale and a few rules; both of which make the game easy to play yet exceptionally intriguing to take part in. Once a player gets a grasp on the principles and comprehends the rationale of the game, at that point it is sufficient to play the game well and soon turn into a champion
  •         Chances are that once you have aced the rule, the subsequent stage one have to concentrate on is getting speed particularly in the online variant of 13 cards rummy, where the game follows a coordinated pattern. This implies a brisk authority over the game is essential to enjoy the game in all angles.
  •         Once you have speed and authority over all the rules and logics of the game, you are currently well on your way to being a champion. While being viewed as a champion in any game involves pride, in Indian Rummy Online it also means huge prizes.
  •         Before proceeding forward, playing rummy intensely with the point of winning money rewards one thing you ought to do is examine what are extra rewards and different motivating forces you can get from the website you need to play on rummy games online
  •         You will find offers that won’t enable you to win enormous cash rewards while playing the cash variant of rummy, yet you will discover offers that enable you to win free cash by a few means, genuine money by playing free games.
  •         While you play games for cash, you will find that a site that is competitive and skillful will offer you rewards which will make the game exciting and lucrative to play.

The fundamental actuality that you can take to the bank from all the data given above is that on the off chance that you have the expertise to play rummy or you find a way to build up the abilities to play the game, at that point the odds are better than average that you can win cash while playing rummy online.

Simply recollect that however certain parts of rummy are unquestionably influenced by the laws of probability, rummy is mostly game of skill and it is fundamental that you understand this. When you do perceive this reality, at that point you can work at building up your abilities and afterward utilize them to win cash and in addition different prizes. Take the first step by picking a rummy hosting site that will give you intends to do so.


Rummy games initially showed up in the mid twentieth century, and are presumably gotten from the Mexican game. The game is best played with two to four players, yet up to six can participate. Either a settled number of deals are played, or the game is played to an objective score. The quantity of deals or the objective score should be concurred before starting to play.

Rummy, the very much preferred card game, is very easy to understand. There are distinctive Rummy games that one may play however the principal point of all these is to arrange the cards as substantial sequences and additional sets, while remembering the particular standards of the variation.

The most loved Indian Rummy requires the players to set all the given cards as Sequences (that implies arranging 3/4 progressive suited cards) and Sets (that implies assembling 3/4 cards of same unit however unique suits). The game additionally incorporates jokers or special cases which can be utilized to finish a Sequence or Set. It is basic to finish a Sequence with cards from a similar suit while a Set ought to be framed utilizing different suits.

Rummy, the game is played with two packs of cards. Each pack comprises of one Joker. The cards are positioned by their numbers: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen and King (with 2 being the most minimal and King being the highest)

Fundamentals of Rummy

  •             Rummy is played with two packs of cards. Each pack must have one joker.
  •             The rank of the cards goes from low to high: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King.
  •             While making sets, Ace may fill in as 1 or a face card.
  •             Ace contains 10 focuses thus do the other Face cards J, Q and K

Beginners rummy player can be an expert, read how to play rummy game and win real cash prizes.

Rummy without jokers is a challenge and there is no other way of putting it. Right from your pure sequence to all the other card arrangements, everything has to be done without the help of a wild card or Joker. Simply put, what it means is, a player needs to make two pure sequences and remaining sets. Yes, it is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Let’s get you started to play rummy without Jokers.

Arrange your cards carefully

When the game starts, all players are dealt with 13 cards and the first thing that you should do is arrange them in an order. There are two ways to go about it. You can arrange it by numbers or you can arrange it by suit. This is the easiest way to understand what cards you need to close the game quickly. If you have got an extremely poor set of cards that make winning the game, extremely difficult, you can always opt to drop out. At this point (beginning), it will just cost you 20 points. However, as you go along, you will lose out on much more points.

Calculating and re-calculating points very crucial

Once the arrangement of the card is complete, your next focus should be on calculating the points. This becomes crucial in deciding how to reduce the points load and keep your loses to the minimum. A simple trick is to arrange all the cards and then see what’s the point value of the unmatched cards. If it is more than 20, it is highly advisable to drop out of the game. However, if you are confident about playing ahead, then push away cards of high value and try forming your sets and sequences.

Play fast but with caution

The most important thing about playing rummy without Jokers is to play very fast. You need to close your hand very quickly, but even one wrong move can make you lose the game. Keep on shuffling and arranging and rearranging your cards. Remember, here you have to make two pure sequences and that’s never an easy option. So, play tight and avoid silly mistakes.

Now you might be comfortable to play rummy without joker or you can go with play rummy with joker.  You need to just learn how to play rummy then both format of rummy with and without joker will be easier for you.

The game of Rummy begins as a game of glorious uncertainty as you are unsure of the type of cards that are dealt to you. You may be holding cards which can form Rummy by itself in a few turns. But things can easily go wrong if you are dealt with a worst hand possible having little hope of conforming to the objective of Rummy which is nothing but forming at least two sequences one of which should be a pure life. So what measures should be taken when you have a bad hand? Let us see the same below.

  1. A bad hand may be like you are having many high value cards and forming sequences, i.e., consecutive cards of a same suit looks to be a distant dream. In that case, relieve yourself of the burden of holding high value cards as far as possible by discarding them one by one on turns.
  2. See to that at least you are able to form a pure sequence which can reduce a lot of points for you. In fact, forming a pure sequence should be the top priority for a Rummy player.
  3. Get an idea as to what type of combination your opponent is looking for by just discarding a card as a bait and if you find him picking it up you can get a view of the same.
  4. If you see your opponent drawing cards more from the closed deck, you can figure out that he is touch away from finishing the game and so you can react accordingly and plan your next move.
  5. You can even keep discarding low level cards falsely misleading your opponent that you are about to finish the game making him to forcefully thus drop the game.
  6. If none of the aforesaid scenarios seem to work out or looks impossible, it is better to drop out of the game either before making the first move or after a few moves, thus losing the game decently with fewer point.

Playing online rummy on mobile is fun and easy way to win cash, no matter where you are. Rummy on mobile is very similar to online rummy website. The only difference is the screen size and of course the downloading of the rummy app. Here is how to play rummy on mobile and have fun moments, no matter what’s your situation.

  1. The first thing to do is create an account on the rummy website. This you can do on your desktop or even on your mobile once you open the mobile browser or app.
  2. Check for the download procedure for the rummy app from the website.
  3. You also need to check the mobile system requirements to play the game
  4. Most rummy mobile games run on the landscape mode. Make sure your phone supports it
  5. Have your data connection on or stay connected to the WiFi
  6. Once you have completed the download, you need to log in to your account
  7. You will see all your existing account details already synced
  8. Now all you have to do is pick a game and start playing on your mobile.

Things to keep in mind

  1. You need to be always connected to the internet. The game is live and doesn’t function in offline mode.
  2. Check the game you download runs on a secure gateway since you will be doing cash transactions.
  3. If you are playing on a mobile browser, make sure it supports all the features of the rummy website. Without the right display, your game experience will get spoilt.

The game of online Rummy is one of the least complicated games carrying a simple objective and the same is described short and crisp as below:

  • Arrange the cards in your hand to form at least two sequences and the remaining cards to form sets or sequences as possible.
  • One of the compulsory two sequences should be a pure one, formed without the usage of a wild card or a printed joker.
  • A pure sequence is an arrangement of consecutive cards of a particular suit. If is the suit, then the following formations are the examples of a pure sequence.  6 7 8  and  A K Q

If one of the said arrangements has one of its cards replaced with a random wild card or a printed joker then it is called an impure sequence.

  • A set is nothing but an arrangement of same value cards of different suits. The following two arrangements are the examples of a set. 6 6 6 and K K K

Does not it sound simple? It will look even simpler once you start practicing it on a daily basis.

To be adjudged as the winner in online Rummy, a player needs to declare his hand by submitting the same to the group for validation. This act is also called as a “show.” Let us now look into the points constituting valid and invalid declarations.

Valid and invalid declaration summary:

  • A valid declaration should have a formation of at least two sequences, one of which should be a pure run and the remaining cards can be formed into sets or sequences.
  • A formation without a pure life is called as invalid declaration even if it is arranged with sequences and sets in the manner of 4,3,3 and 3.
  • Even if you achieve a pure life, still it cannot be called a valid declaration in case there is no presence of one more life.
  • A set cannot have more than four cards. If a wild or printed joker is added as a fifth card will make it a wrong declaration. So, a joker can be added only as a fourth card.
  • A set cannot have more than one card of the same suit.
  • If a wild card selected happens to be a printed joker, then declaration is valid if A of any suit is used as a joker in forming a group.