Rummy App


Rummy is a popular game and has started growing manifold ever since mobile apps were introduced. It has made it convenient for the users to play the game on the go wherever they are put up. Now let us see how to install the mobile app on your mobile.

  1. Check if your favourite rummy app is available on the Google Play Store and go about downloading it.
  2. Get an Android supported basic touch screen mobile.
  3. Ensure your mobile is at least 2G supported.
  4. Once you have a stable connection, you can download the rummy game and then install it successfully on your mobile.
  5. If you cannot find the rummy app on the Play Store, the next thing to do is check the website
  6. Every rummy website will have a link to download their rummy app.
  7. Follow the instructions and start the download process.
  8. Some rummy websites ask to download an APK file. This is completely safe and can be downloaded at any point of time.

Downloading rummy application on your mobile is pretty simple. If you are playing rummy cash games and about to upload your card details, make sure you cross check the security of the app as well. Free rummy games are comparatively easier to try out. So when are you downloading your rummy app?