Points Rummy


Points rummy is one of the simplest form of rummy. In this game, players are required to play for points that have a pre-decided money value. Here’s how to play points rummy game.

  1. Each game in points rummy lasts for just 1 deal.
  2. All the points have a pre-determined value.
  3. Each player in the game brings a minimum of 80x point value.
  4. The game is forming valid groups in the form of sequences and sets.
  5. There are 13 cards that need to be arranged in pure sequence, sequence and sets.
  6. A pure sequence is a group of cards of the same suit of different value but in a sequence. In a pure sequence, you can’t use a Joker to form a group.
  7. The player can form impure sequence and for this he can use a Joker.
  8. The remaining two groups can be sets.
  9. In case a player drops the game, he loses 10 points in the first drop; 30 points in the middle drop; 80 point maximum in the full count.
  10. The person who makes a valid declaration first is the winner.
  11. The winner gets Reward Amount = Total Points of all Losing Players X Points Value – Rake.

Practice doing quick points rummy calculations before playing the rummy game for cash. It will help you make quick decisions effectively.