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Where can I report if I feel two or more players are colluding on Rummy Table?

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The legality of the game of Rummy is unquestionable. However, the chances of some miscreants breaching the rules of the game cannot be ruled out. Many a time, it so happens, one can see two or more players collude to manoeuvre the game illegally to make it work in their favour. Such brazen breach of rules, if noted, can even result in suspension of users’ account provided the same is properly reported. No one can take these things for granted and it is purely up to the user to report them immediately as soon as he sees such infringement being done by the fellow players anywhere in the Rummy table. So, the terms and conditions given in the respective online Rummy sites must be strictly followed. Let us now see how users normally indulge in breach of rules and how the same can be averted.

What is collusion?

Despite many Rummy websites implementing anti-collusion measures, the same cannot be said to have totally destroyed cheating. So, what exactly is collusion? Collusion in Rummy games is, two or more players may illegally collude just to raise the points of one of them, thereby losing the game deliberately.

How collusion happens?

In the game of online Rummy, multiple players can form a secret partnership, striking a deal, more so with an intent to cheat the fellow players. For example, there may come a situation, where a player in collusion with the other may pass on the cards from the open deck to help the latter to increase his points and lose the game deliberately. This can happen predominantly in case of Points Rummy. Such collisions are totally illegal and should be viewed rather seriously.

So, how to deal with collusion?

If an act of collusion is noted, the first thing the user has to do is to instantly report it to the support team of the respective online Rummy site. It is better that the complaint is done immediately so that the miscreants do not cover up their act during delays. If you are thoroughly aware of how to play rummy game, then you will definitely know where the fraud is happening.

What would be the consequences of Collusion complaints?

If an act of collusion is reported the following actions may be undertaken.

  1. Further games between two users who had earlier colluded can be restricted.
  2. Disabling the account of the user who had been involved in cheating, permanently.
  3. Cash balance of a person involved in cheating can be seized.
  4. The damages on account of such breach of rules can be recovered from the user.
  5. The persons involved in collusion can not only be banned but also can be prevented from registering to the website afresh.
  6. Legal proceeding can also be initiated against the person who violated the rules causing damages to the website.
  7. Other than the said reasons, any other action will be binding on the persons who was involved in cheating or collusion.

Thus, this menace of collusion is a controllable one and if one is vigilant, there are both preventive and punitive measures available to deal with it.

Where can I report if I feel two or more players are colluding on Rummy Table?
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