How to Play Rummy

How to Play 13 Cards Rummy?

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A 13 cards rummy game is played from a deck of 52 cards with 2 to 6 players on a table. To win the 13 cards rummy game, each player has to form sets and sequences. Before you get started with the game, here are the steps on how to play 13 cards rummy that you should look at.

  1. The main objective of the game is to form sets and sequences, out of which one pure sequence is required to win the game. A valid declare requires minimum two sequences out of which one has to be pure sequence. Remaining can be sets.
  2. Either the sequence or the pure sequence needs to have four cards. The remaining groups can be three cards.
  3. A sequence is a group of 3 or more cards of the same suit. For example, A -2 -3 is a pure sequence. In case, you use a Joker card to form a sequence it is counted as an impure sequence, eg. 4 -5 -Joker
  4. A set is a group of 3 or more cards of the same rank but different suits. For example, Q -Q -Q is a valid set. A set cannot have 2 or more cards of the same rank. Hence, 4 -4 -4 is an invalid set.
  5. Once the valid sets and sequences are made the player has to ‘Declare’ to win the game.

Along with this, also take a look at the rummy rules to help you understand the game, inside out.

How to Play 13 Cards Rummy?
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Thinking about games, understanding the rules and playing for pure fun is what makes rummy so much entertaining. Enter this world of rummy loaded with tips, tricks, FAQs and everything that can make you a rummy champ in no time.

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