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How Much Points Will You Lose on a Wrong Declaration?

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The main objective of a Rummy game is to form at least two sequences, one of which should be a pure life and the remaining cards are used to form sequences and sets. Anything not in conformance with the objective makes the arrangement invalid. Check my previous post on “How to form valid sets and sequence in Rummy” to avoid wrong declaration. Any player who is said to have completed the formation should declare and submit the cards for validation by pressing the declare button.

When the cards are validated and you are found to have made a valid declaration you will be declared the winner and on the contrary if the card formation is found to be invalid it will be called as a wrong declaration and you will be thus losing the game immediately.

Scenarios constituting wrong declaration:

  1. When a player declares without forming a pure sequence.
  2. Same way declaration made without any sequence.
  3. When a set is formed with the same value card of the similar suit.

Such aforesaid scenarios are called wrong declarations. When one of such declaration is done it results in penalty for the player who ends up losing 80 points which is also the maximum score a person can lose in an online Rummy game, irrelevant of the value of cards that he holds.

However, the game will still continue with the remaining players until a winner is ascertained. So, a player has to doubly make sure he has the right set of cards in hand in accordance to the rules of the game if he has to safeguard himself from losing the maximum points.

How Much Points Will You Lose on a Wrong Declaration?
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