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How Much I Score if I Middle Drop?

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As a Rummy aspirant, one of the important facets of the game that you need to know and invoke at the right time is the usage of ‘drop’ feature. This aspect of dropping the game, if you are able to use wisely, then you can successfully evade even a grave situation. It is purely your decision to make, analysing the cards that you hold.

What is a drop or what constitutes a drop?

A drop is a feature used by players in online Rummy which enables you to drop the game before picking up a card from the open/closed deck.

Why do you drop from a game?

A game is dropped by a player on purpose to guard himself from losing more points if he feels he sees no hope of completing a valid declaration.

What should you do before dropping a game:

Before dropping a game, make sure you are relieved of all higher value cards so that you are not burdened with more points. This type of dropping after making a few first moves is called as a middle drop.

Now let us see quickly as to what a middle drop is all about.

The game of Rummy is all about forming at least two sequences one of which should be a pure life, in addition to forming sets and sequences with the remaining cards. When such a scenario of forming pure sequence (consecutive number of same cards without joker) does not seem to arise, the player can drop the game using the drop feature. By doing so, he gets only 40 points totally. This is one scenario.

One more scenario gets a player middle drop points of 40 automatically if he misses to play three consecutive turns and is thus dropped from the game too

Finally, when a player chooses to leave the table having drawn a card from the closed deck, it is considered a middle drop as well.

How Much I Score if I Middle Drop?
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