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How Much is an Ace Worth in Rummy?

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Almost everyone knows a thing or two about Rummy when it comes to knowing rules of the game. But unless once get into the habit of playing Rummy online having read all the rules given in respective online sites one may not be able to know many intricacies of the game. For example, how many of you may know the worth of an ace and if you even know it how many of you actually that the said card carries different weight age on two different situations? Let us now see how much is an ace worth in online Rummy?

Value of an ace:

An ace which is normally grouped as A 2 3 4 is worth just one point. A run formed by Q K A is generally viewed as wrong. But in order to make such formation legal some play aces as a high value cards rating them with 15 points. So, ace is therefore the only card which can be used to form two types of sequences either as a high value card or as a lower value card. So, it is basically the cards with which is melded with decides the point of an Ace card.  Even an unusual formation with Ace being in the middle like K A 2 also is practised by many players. When a player is out, the sum total of all the cards in the rest of the players’ hands is measured and added to the winner’s score.

When ace card acts as a joker?

When the printed joker is picked up as a wild joker the ace of any suit can perform the role of the random joker.

Having understood the point system related to Ace let us see how Ace cards helps in handling bad Rummy.

How Ace thwarts bad Rummy?

When you encounter a situating like bad Rummy ace cards come in handy. Since Ace can be used to form two types of melds – either as A 2 3 or A K Q – it is always better to hold such a card not discarding it although it is a nice idea to drop high value cards. Ace is that special card which cannot be discarded as it gives you multiple options of forming a sequence.

Same way as Ace of any suit can act as a random joker if a printed joker is treated as a random joker. So, Ace has multiple utilities as a card when it is about handling bad Rummy. You can read my previous post about “What are The Tips to Handle Bad Rummy Hand” to handle such situation smartly in Rummy.

How Much is an Ace Worth in Rummy?
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