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How Much I Score If End up Without Arranging Cards in Rummy?

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The objective of online Rummy game is the arrangement of the cards in hand to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure one and the remaining cards can be arranged as sequences/sets. It is as simple as that. But whether this objective is fully achieved or not, at least the formation of a pure sequence is a must for a valid declaration. If the cards are not arranged by you when the declaration has been made by any of your opponent, you set to lose points drastically piling up your score abnormally. Let us see the implication of the same in various situations.

  1. When you are unable to arrange the cards at the first instance into sequences and sets as per the objective of Rummy and you find it meaningless to continue the game, you are allowed to use the drop feature and opt out which means you will be getting 20 points. This is called first drop, which you do at the very first turn of yours without arranging the cards.
  2. When such drop is done after the first turn somewhere during the middle of the game, it is called middle drop which will give you 40 points.
  3. When you are unable to arrange the cards, the value of cards not so arranged is summed up as your total points. But again, the maximum number of points you will be given for non-arrangement of cards is 80, irrespective of the number of cards that you hold unarranged.

All the scores so piled up decreases your chance of making a comeback in the subsequent deals as the winner of a Rummy game should have only zero points.

How Much I Score If End up Without Arranging Cards in Rummy?
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