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How Gambling is Different From Game of Skills as Per Indian Laws

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An act of gambling is nothing but undertaking a risky mission, the outcome of which is totally uncertain i.e. you have an equal chance of incurring losses as much as you have high hopes of making profits.  When you put your money on events which can produce such unpredictable results, it results in gambling. So how do you categorise a game like Rummy? Let us analyse the same by deducing all possible facts before concluding if a game of card like Rummy is anyway different from that of gambling.

Status of Rummy in India:

First of all, Rummy has been given a clean chit by the Supreme Court of India calling it a game of skill. So, there is no need to revisit the question to know if playing Rummy tantamount to gambling. But what prompted Supreme Court to conclude Rummy is different from gambling. How is it anyway different from that of gambling? Let us see in detail.

Absence of Strategies:

If you bet on a particular cricketer to score a century on a given day, can you rest assure he will?  So, you have no definite strategy that can take you through when it comes to deciding the outcomes on the said events. Whereas in a game like Rummy, it is your lateral thinking coupled with intelligence that wins you the game. By going through the available cards, you decide your moves as to what should be done. You use strategies like bluffing, fooling opponents, discarding high value cards etc., on relevant occasions which helps you win the game. In short, the skill games like Rummy involves strategies which is absent in case of gambling.

Gambling an addiction:

Any gambling game is dangerously addictive. The more you lose, the more it prompts you to play with a hope of winning at least a respectable amount. However, a player who knows how to play rummy online for cash, will not be tempted to play the game just to compensate on the losses.  He will try to analyse the mistakes done by him and come up with a better strategy to win next time just like any other skill games. So, any skill game will never lead you to addiction.

Gambling needs no training:

A skill game like Rummy needs proper training to play as it involves many intricacies. But to gamble, you need not have any skill. You just need to put money on something and wait for a desired outcome which is dangerous. You do not have control on anything while you gamble. As far as Rummy is concerned, every online version of this game offers various tutorials on how to play rummy game making you completely trained before leading you to cash tables.

So, Indian laws have used the valid yardstick before deciding which games fall under gambling and which do not, before delivering a landmark judgement naming Rummy as a game of skill.

How Gambling is Different From Game of Skills as Per Indian Laws
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