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How to Increase my Cash Limit in Online Rummy?

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Rummy websites encourage responsible playing and we wish every one of our players to play inside their means for an awesome Rummy experience.

Add cash limit is a responsible play highlight, accessible for a player to control the sum you add to your account in a month.

Monthly Limit: A default monthly Add Cash Limit to play cash rummy is set by the framework, which relies upon your history with the rummy website. A player can increase or decrease the Add Cash Limit up to a specific maximum sum (Maximum Add Cash Limit).

Increase monthly Limit: You can increase your present month as far as possible from Add Cash Limit page under the Account area, up to your Maximum Add Cash Limit.

24 hour Limit: A dynamic 24 hour cutoff is set by the framework on many rummy websites, which relies on the level of your account approval. This cutoff is not like the monthly limit. Depending on the level of your account validation. e.g: Say you have a 24 hour limit of rs 1000 and you have included rs 300 at 12:00 PM the day. In the following 24 hours, that is till 12:00 PM following day, you can add rs.700 to your account.

Increase 24 hour Limit: To increase a player 24 hour limit for cash rummy, he needs to  get in touch with the rummy website and read through their rules and policies.  Now you might be excited to know “how can you win real cash by playing rummy online” .

How to Increase my Cash Limit in Online Rummy?
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