The knowledge of using jokers effectively is essential to win the game of online Rummy. The presence of jokers often decides the fate of any game if a player has learned to use it properly. A joker is nothing but a wild card used to replace any card to form sequences /sets in online Rummy. It may well be a random card picked up at the start of a game or perhaps a printed joker card having buffoon image printed on it. Learn how to play rummy by using printed joker along with the random Joker ( trump card). Now, let us see if a joker card acts as a boon or a burden for a Rummy player.

When Jokers become a burden:

In general, a joker card is the biggest benediction a player can hope to have under dire circumstances while forming a sequence. It is always advisable to use jokers to form sequences with higher value cards and sequence formed with a joker cannot be considered as a pure sequence. If a player declares the game considering the sequence formed with a joker as pure then he will be losing points badly.

When Jokers become a boon:

Under dire straits, Joker comes as a boon when it is picked up for completing a Rummy. Holding a joker card increases one’s chance of winning. Remember a joker card carries no points and hence holding it does not burden you with points. In fact, one can use it to form sequences with high value cards and reduce a few points. Likewise, if the joker is meld with groups in case of any temporary disconnection, a melded joker will get you only less points.

No matter how good a game is, when you play it regularly, you are bound to get worn out and bored isn’t it? But have you ever wondered as to how people are hooked to playing online Rummy for years together not getting exhausted? The reason is not very difficult to explore. The game of Rummy keeps attracting people making it one of the most interesting games ever played online because of the varieties that it offers. Yes, there are many varieties of Rummy, prominent one among them being Point Rummy. Let us now discuss the rules of Point Rummy.

  1. As the name indicates, in a point Rummy game every card is awarded a point.
  2. For a predetermined Rupee value, the players play for points.
  3. Two or more packs, each comprising 53 cards are used and each can have two to six players.
  4. Each player is required to bring a specific amount of money to the table.
  5. Everyone is dealt with 13 cards with an objective of forming sequences and sets. At least one sequence so formed has to be a pure life.
  6. A joker gets randomly selected at the beginning of the game as a wild card.
  7. A person who meets the game’s objective first wins the game.
  8. If a player has a bad Rummy he can drop out of the game. He gets 20 points on first drop and 40 points if he drops out in the middle of the game.
  9. The points fixed for each card is as below:

A, K, Q, J – 10

Other cards – points are as per the respective face value.

The game of online Rummy is being played in every nook and corner of India. But have you ever attempted to find its source as to where it originated? Should not one be thankful to that part of the world which has given this beautiful game of skill to mankind? So, let us try finding out who has invented this game and where it is invented.

What wiki says?

As per wiki, the style of Rummy which Indians are playing today is said to been adopted from Gin Rummy and Rummy 500, both of which are believed to have originated from the U.S. So, are Gin and Rummy 500 the oldest form of this game? Definitely not. So, let’s go back further and decipher further as to where this game was invented.

Most common beliefs:

Conquian origin:

Conquian was popularly believed as one of the earliest or most ancient versions of Rummy games and the same, many believe, had migrated to Mexico having originated in Spain. This version later seemed to have moved to England where it was called “Rum” which means something odd or strange.

Chinese origin:

Some theories vouch that this game of Rummy was first invented by Chinese. They had the reason to believe so because “Khanhoo” a game which was popular over there in 1800s was played with the same rule of making sequences/sets that is the main objective of Rummy.

Poker origin:

There is another theory which believes that Rummy had evolved from the game of Poker since both the games has distinct similarities between them. The word Rummy itself, many say, has been derived from a game called Rum poker.

Likewise, there are so many theories which gives their own versions of how the game was invented. But it is yet to be established with clear cut proof as to which country reserves the copyright of it.

Rummy is a game that has made its habitation in our souls and our lives by truly turning into a major piece of our excitement and entertainment. The way that it has moved online implies that you would now be able to play considerably more and that too at whenever the longing strikes you.

We are certain that most you are truly acquainted with the game, even the individuals who don’t really play it. Yet, here are a couple of realities about rummy that you can truly take to the bank:

  •         Rummy is a game that is managed by certain rationale and a few rules; both of which make the game easy to play yet exceptionally intriguing to take part in. Once a player gets a grasp on the principles and comprehends the rationale of the game, at that point it is sufficient to play the game well and soon turn into a champion
  •         Chances are that once you have aced the rule, the subsequent stage one have to concentrate on is getting speed particularly in the online variant of 13 cards rummy, where the game follows a coordinated pattern. This implies a brisk authority over the game is essential to enjoy the game in all angles.
  •         Once you have speed and authority over all the rules and logics of the game, you are currently well on your way to being a champion. While being viewed as a champion in any game involves pride, in Indian Rummy Online it also means huge prizes.
  •         Before proceeding forward, playing rummy intensely with the point of winning money rewards one thing you ought to do is examine what are extra rewards and different motivating forces you can get from the website you need to play on rummy games online
  •         You will find offers that won’t enable you to win enormous cash rewards while playing the cash variant of rummy, yet you will discover offers that enable you to win free cash by a few means, genuine money by playing free games.
  •         While you play games for cash, you will find that a site that is competitive and skillful will offer you rewards which will make the game exciting and lucrative to play.

The fundamental actuality that you can take to the bank from all the data given above is that on the off chance that you have the expertise to play rummy or you find a way to build up the abilities to play the game, at that point the odds are better than average that you can win cash while playing rummy online.

Simply recollect that however certain parts of rummy are unquestionably influenced by the laws of probability, rummy is mostly game of skill and it is fundamental that you understand this. When you do perceive this reality, at that point you can work at building up your abilities and afterward utilize them to win cash and in addition different prizes. Take the first step by picking a rummy hosting site that will give you intends to do so.


In a few years from now, the rate at which rummy popularity seems to be developing, don’t be surprised if every third person in a group turns out to be an online Rummy champ. Such is the impact created by the game in India ever since the game started hitting online. But have you ever wondered how the deck of 52 cards came into prominence and where it was originally invented? Let us now look into the history of 52 cards in detail.

Origin and history of 52 cards:

It is a general belief that 52 cards is an invention by Chinese which later moved to European nations, courtesy Egypt. So, the flow has been from China who is the inventor and from there on to Egypt before finally getting moulded in European countries. What seemed to have been founded in China in 1000 AD reached Europe around 1360. Initially, the suits were like goblets, gold coins, swords and polo sticks. The polo sticks were then replaced by batons or staves since the game of polo was unknown in Europe then. Thereafter, came another change this time from Germany though. They modified the suits and sported them as acrons, hearts, leaves and bells. This change happened in the 15th century and around 1480 French brought in fresh modifications to the suits. It was then the suits first appeared to look like what are being used now. Trefle, Pique, Coeur,  Carreau and finally, the English card makers, though used the same suits, gave different names to each of them. That is how the cards that are being used right now have evolved.

Yes, the game of Rummy is primarily played for fun and entertainment. Is the winning of the game associated with a happening of a particular event, which again, may or may not occur? The answer is yes. This has been the question that makes people stay away from rummy, mostly due to ignorance. So, what is the legal status of this game in India? Let us see the same in detail below.

In a historical ruling by the Honourable Supreme Court of India, it has been clearly stated that Rummy is more of a game of skill and so it is completely legal to play the game in India. Our constitution protects the game under section 19 (1) (g). That’s not all. In fact, many of the subsequent judgement by the courts in India have relied on the principal judgement of 1968 ruling and upheld the playing of Rummy for cash. To be precise, there was a ruling by, again, the Honourable Supreme Court that where a success in a game is dependent on skills too even if there is an element of luck involved, it cannot be called as gambling. Since, rummy falls under that category where you are required to use certain playing skills, exclusive to the game, it is not considered as gambling. But again, there are three states in India – Telangana, Orissa and Assam – have a different law where the citizens are prohibited from playing rummy for cash. However, they can still play free games / practice games on popular rummy websites.

In short, since the game is protected by the constitution and the Supreme Court judgement of 1968, it is totally legal to play online rummy in India.

Rummy is a standout amongst the most prominent card games throughout the world. The reason for rummy is to make sets of cards called as melds. A meld can incorporate three or four cards of a similar rank, or three cards or more in series of a similar suit. There are loads of variations in rummy, however they all have this same fundamental thought in common. Rummy is energizing and with the heaps of cash rewards and prizes, it unquestionably resembles a place to be. The game requires sharp systematic skills and thinking capacity. As a decent rummy player, you should show extraordinary patience, sharp perception of your opponent’s play and support fast basic leadership capacity with a specific end goal to come up a triumphant system. In any case, before you enter this fun and energizing universe of rummy, here are few things that you must know.

Rummy means diligent work

A typical mistaken judgment with regards to online rummy is that it’s anything but difficult to win rummy games and appreciate the money prizes. Actually, it requires commitment and hard-work and you have to know the standards of rummy well. If you end up getting confused with what moves to make, at that point you to need to practice harder

Rummy rules and rummy tricks work together

When we say rummy tricks, it doesn’t mean we are accomplishing something out of the box. Truth is that, it is simply persuading you to concentrate on the little components of rummy that can enable you to win. The greater part of the tricks is well inside the rummy rules and you must play deliberately, in the event that you need to win the matches. Hence, before you utilize the rummy tricks, learn the rules of rummy.

Each variation of rummy is not the same as the other

If you think, regardless of any rummy game you play it will be the same, you are wrong. Diverse rummy variations have separate set of rules and you need to comprehend the distinction to win the game. Experiment with the practice games in each segment and ace the skills.

Rummy cash games are not quite the same as cash tournaments

There is a critical difference with regards to rummy cash games versus rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments begin at a specified time with a pre-enrollment prerequisite. A player needs to play several rounds according to the tournament size. However, cash games are speedy and short and are generally constrained to a solitary round.

Download rummy and win cash on the go

Yes, you really need not to be constrained to your desktop with regards to rummy. You simply need to download rummy application and play on your mobile. The applications are totally secure and supports card and several types of transactions. Obviously, your account gets matched up consequently too.

Along these lines, yes rummy world is energizing and fun. Rummy being a session of ability is the most ideal approach to enhance your thinking too. However, just like other things in life, to ace this game, there are no easy routes. Thus, play hard, read rummy guide with complete focus.

Yes, the online Rummy promoters provide nonstop entertainment and fun by floating this challenging game of Rummy online. While ensuring fun filled jubilation, it is equally important for them to act in a responsible manner so that the users are not taken for a ride partially due to their own vulnerability and partially due to the presence of notorious elements. So, let us now see as to how they can establish responsible gaming and prevent the users from being exploited unduly.

Protecting minors:

Gaming is an adult game and therefore the Rummy stakeholders must ensure they seal the age limit. Any player who is below the age of 18 or 21 should not be allowed or encouraged to play the game of online Rummy.

Safeguarding personal details:

It is the responsibility of Rummy promoters to prevent the personal information like name, addresses, bank details and phone numbers of the gamers from being leaked outside. It is their responsibility to earn the trust of the users.

Offering safe and secured payment:

As the Rummy game primarily involves money transactions the stakeholders of gaming have to ensure the payment is routed through safe mode and the details are not vulnerable to hacking by outsiders.

Responsible advertising:

The promoters of gaming should be responsible advertisers too. They should make sure underage and vulnerable people are not induced and exploited. They have to advertise keeping this  in mind.

Thus “responsible gaming” should be the watchword of all Rummy stakeholders.

One difficulty or inconvenience which normally haunts the players in the game of online Rummy is abrupt disconnection. It is very common in the online world to experience disconnection due to loss of internet connectivity. So, what happens when a player gets disconnected in the middle of the game? Should he stand to lose immediately? The answer is “No”. You have your game saved even during disconnection and online Rummy sites have done a lot of homework for you to stay in the game even during disconnection. Let us quickly understand how the system works.

Disconnection policy:

As soon as the Internet connection goes off for a player, he gets a lifeline though thanks to the disconnection policy provided by the Rummy sites concerned. The policy is as briefed below:

  1. When a player’s internet gets disconnected subsequent to his first move, “disconnection timer” gets activated. Once it gets activated, the move jumps to the next user. This process will continue till the timer time elapses.
  2. When the disconnection happens subsequent to him picking up a card during his turn, the system discards the picked card.
  3. If the user gets reconnected, the disconnection timer stops and the time remaining on the disconnection timer will be used during next disconnection.
  4. Provided that the time left in the disconnection timer is 20 seconds upon recommendation, the same duration will be available for the user to perform his next action.
  5. When the disconnection happens during melding, the disconnected user gets a meld time extension of 30 seconds in addition to 45 seconds of meld time.
  6. When the disconnection happens during declaration, an extension of 45 seconds of melding time in addition to disconnection timer will be available to the user.

So, when you get disconnected frequently do not get annoyed. The disconnection policy is out there to help you overcome it.

One of the most important things which any Rummy aspirant should be well familiar with is the usage of a joker card. A joker is a card which can replace any other card to form a Rummy. The results of many Rummy games have been decided by the clever usage of the joker cards. Before explaining it, very briefly, let us know the two types of joker cards.

A joker card can either be a randomly selected card at the beginning of the game or a printed joker card having a buffoon image inscribed in it. Both these cards are used to replace any card while forming sequences / sets. A printed joker comes as the 53rd card in the pack of cards. Now let us see why it is necessary to make a hand with a joker card.

Let us first rule out one thing. A joker cannot be used to form a pure sequence. However, the other sequences and sets can be formed with either a wild joker card or a printed joker. A joker is a trump card for any players when they are struggling to form Rummy in conformance to the rules of the Rummy game. A person who knows to use the joker in a proper way is sure to have an edge over other players. Sometimes if the printed joker is selected as a random joker, then as of any suit can be used as a random joker. Knowing so many such rules about joker one can bring in a substantial difference to his game. Normally, it is advisable to use a joker to form sets and sequences of high value cards.

Once the usage of jokers is thoroughly known to a player, he will be able to tell you how important it is to have a hand with joker.