How to Play Rummy

What is The Objective of Rummy Game?

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The game of online Rummy is one of the least complicated games carrying a simple objective and the same is described short and crisp as below:

  • Arrange the cards in your hand to form at least two sequences and the remaining cards to form sets or sequences as possible.
  • One of the compulsory two sequences should be a pure one, formed without the usage of a wild card or a printed joker.
  • A pure sequence is an arrangement of consecutive cards of a particular suit. If is the suit, then the following formations are the examples of a pure sequence.  6 7 8  and  A K Q

If one of the said arrangements has one of its cards replaced with a random wild card or a printed joker then it is called an impure sequence.

  • A set is nothing but an arrangement of same value cards of different suits. The following two arrangements are the examples of a set. 6 6 6 and K K K

Does not it sound simple? It will look even simpler once you start practicing it on a daily basis.

What is The Objective of Rummy Game?
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Thinking about games, understanding the rules and playing for pure fun is what makes rummy so much entertaining. Enter this world of rummy loaded with tips, tricks, FAQs and everything that can make you a rummy champ in no time.

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